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Here at Bartlesville dog training located in the heart of Oklahoma, we have what you need when it comes to your dog training needs and services. This is not just dog training this is human training. Find it’s very important to make sure that you as the owner heavily involved in your training so your dog cannot only trust the training but also trust you and listen to you and so you know exactly how to commander automation that have better obedience and better training both in the house anywhere and also anywhere and everywhere. Call a toll-free number 833-484-7867 also find us [email protected] for additional detailed information also funds on Facebook twitter as well to YouTube channel for some great dog training videos and tutorials and even some great client video testimonials of people telling you about their experience after using and working with tip top K9 for other dog training needs.

This is not for the faint of heart if you are very serious if you are serious about training your dog because of their niece’s parking jumping leash pulling potty training puppy training for they are biting and nipping everyone in sight and you are just sick and tired of having to deal with the fallout of the misbehaving. Even have a dog that’s gotten in numerous amounts of fighting needs to be able to get that taken care of before I you and you got get in trouble and give us a call.

Here at Bartlesville dog training tip top K9 we pride ourselves and always offering top-notch customer service as well as comprehensive service for your training. Of course we will not overcharge if your dog stays with us longer than you know you package says especially if your dog is doing the board and train. So whether you got is with us two weeks or even six weeks your price will not go up. That is our guarantee and we can guarantee that we can fix 95% of the problems or your money back. So if you at the end of the training sessions whether you’re doing private lessons or you’re doing the doggie boot camp and if you are not satisfied with the level of results from your dog and we will pay you back in full.

Of course a smart move is to be able to at least you know dictate your first lesson from us for a dollar to see what we can do and also ask you questions as a trainer and we ask you have questions as a owner and see this is the best fit for you as was the best fit for us. Because we want to be able to earn your trust but also on the trust of her dog. That’s an important move here for now all our trainers. We pride ourselves in making sure they were able to build a relationship with the dog.

Bartlesville dog training tiptopk9 is just the start of a leakage on the road to freedom with your dog to be able to have a happy dog but as well as a more calm but obedient dog. If that’s what you’re looking for me you’re looking to fix their aggression when it comes to food aggression or maybe you have a dog that just constantly digs and get out or is just you peeing in the house for you know tearing up furniture we can help with that as well. There’s a whole lot of things that I’m down to do and we would make sure that we can address your dog and their unique needs. So call us under toll-free number 833-484-7867 or find us on the website and found a contact form to get in your first lesson for dollar by going to

When Do You Need Bartlesville Dog Training?

When you choose tip top K9 Bartlesville dog training you get a plan built for your dog. This is essential to make sure that we treat every dog not the same but also make sure that every dog treat every dog differently. Every goblin at their own pace as well as have different needs. A lot of dogs usually deal with jumping leash pulling nuisance barking or even food aggression. And if you are struggling hard core in your home because your dog is constantly jumping on your kids and hurting them or you know has aggression towards kids or even your other pets in the home we want to remedy that so you can have a less chaotic home in a more happy dog.

When you choose Bartlesville dog training you are choosing Oklahoma’s number one dog training company and we are also the highest rate in the most review dog training company also in the entire nation. With continually growing at a rapid pace and if you are also interested in owning a franchise of tip top K9 we are more than welcome to provide you any additional information on what’s all involved in owning a franchise of tip top K9 and what is all involved in what the steps you need to be able to take. Right now we are located in the Oklahoma Texas Idaho Michigan Arizona and wiki are still going to this day. If you are interested in getting some franchise information please visit our website today.

We never went with anything to chance if you have a dog that has some really bad behaviors or maybe have a puppy and this is your first puppy in the home and you’re not even really sure how to do it correctly do potty training or even leash training we can help you with that. We can do private lessons or can do doggie boot camp. And even after you complete your dog completes a private lesson and the document camp you are each package that we provide based on your dog’s unique needs and stressors will all include free group classes for life. See you get lifetime support you never just to be in a left hanging after dark complete the training. So you’re able to still go to a place for you.can socialize but still keep up with their training.

So now’s the time to choose one about the home is number one dog training at companies in the area because our dog training methods just work for hands down. And of course, we guarantee that will be able to fix 95% of the dog’s problems guaranteed or your money back. That is correct if we do not fix 95% of your dog’s problems then we will reap repay you in full for what I you paid. And of course we want to do business in the best way we can do that is off your first lesson for only one dollar C can take it for a test drive to see if this is really something that your dog will respond to and something that you are comfortable with.

Here at Bartlesville dog training tip top K9 will never go any further than what you’re comfortable or wet or what your dog is comfortable with. We never will make you feel uncomfortable in the lesson as well as making sure that your dog is fully comfortable and learning and responding well. We will never move onto a new commander to a new lesson until your dog has completed or has implement has implemented and taken hold of that command. And also we would make sure that you’re able to know exactly what to do and you know when you’re in your home away from the trainer she can view at doing some homework with your dog and making sure you’re implementing at home.