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We are here to offer you the best absolute service when you partner with us at Best Dog Training in Troy Michigan. If your dog is over four months old, your first lesson is only one dollar! Then, based on over 2500 dogs we have worked with, we can normally give you a very accurate idea of what your dog is capable of handling or not handling. We fixed 95% of problems in 2 to 4 weeks guaranteed. We want our dogs to develop confidence from knowing that the world is a good one place. A confident dog is an easy dock to train.

Best Dog Training in Troy Michigan once the dog to be able to go into any environment and be comfortable and confident. A word of caution, we recommend the dog has their second or third round of shots before taking them into a pet store just because of how we people take their dogs their, and your puppies little immune system is still gaining strength. But we recommend taking your new puppy everywhere. Take them to a part, to the lake, around the block, other people’s houses, and finally pet stores.

We here at Best Dog Training in Troy Michigan recommend that you take your dog everywhere! Have them walk all over different stuff and services. Have them smell different smells and hear different places and in different environments don’t waste your dog to accept environments that make them uncomfortable, but just keep slowly taking them back again and again and desensitize your dog until the discomfort goes away. Sometimes, this is hard and you can figure out how to teach your pup to overcome some things. This is where our 4 core commands come in. Most people do socializing very wrong.

Most people here they need to socialize their dog so they take their dog to the dog park after them in their, or to take the new pup to their parents house and let the puppy meet their eight-year-old grumpy German shepherd that doesn’t like other dogs… This is a great way for your precious puppy to have about experience and learn to be scared of other dogs. What we recommend is only introducing your new puppy to other puppies that are six months old or younger. Dogs will probably react like them and they will be somewhat of the same maturity level. Or introduce them to adult dogs that are calm or known to be very dog friendly.

Not all dogs of other dogs. To create a strong confident dog, you want your puppy to have only great experiences. Let us help you in creating the best for your fluffy companion. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at any time by either calling 1-833-484-7867, or very check out our online website We look forward to working with you and taking care of all of your dog training needs.

Best Dog Training in Troy Michigan

Best Dog Training in Troy Michigan knows that puppy months are an important time for setting a foundation of where to potty. Puppies raised by very good, but rare, breeders as young as 5 to 6 weeks old can be seen to start learning where the party is given an opportunity to go on another place and a pattern is set for them. We use obedience and routines to set a pattern to teach dogs where to go.

At Best Dog Training in Troy Michigan, we teach at potty training is not so much where not to potty, but teaching them where they should body. Part of the way we train is by setting routines for the dog and showing them where to go. The other tool for potty training we use is obedience. If your dog comes on command, he cannot go sneak away and potty and we can reliably and quickly get them to the correct spot if we see them sniffing around.

Best Dog Training in Troy Michigan takes the dog outside and wait five minutes. If they don’t go immediately, we use the place commands to isolate the dog for 10 to 15 minutes and then give them another opportunity to go. This is instead of having to come sleep with them in a crate. They can stay out with us but on a timeout spot so they can’t just go on the carpet in that way we don’t have to just put them in a crate if they didn’t go. Crates are not cruel and are commonly a safe haven for your furry companion.

Creates can be used when we are gone or for dog does not know the place commandment yet. So if the dog does not go outside after 2 to 5 minutes and we know the dog needs to, the dog on the crate for 10 to 15 minutes. Then we would take the dog out again and keep repeating this until the dog went potty outside! Potty training is all that routine and showing them where to potty and taking the weight any opportunity to sneak off and go on the carpet. We don’t believe in the five minutes of potty training. Spank your dog if you cut some going on the carpet is not a good idea. There is no timeline for when your puppy should be potty trained. And without routine, about whether door will not help train your dog faster. We also highly recommend not using potty pads during the potty training process.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. You can either call us at 1-833-484-7867, or check out our online website You can also find all of our training services, all of her testimonials, all locations, our story, our podcast, and so much more online. We did and just gained a reputation for being the highest reviewed dog trainers around. We can 100% guarantee satisfaction, or your money back.