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Best Dog Training West Jordan Utah |Enjoy Time With Your Canine?

Do you enjoy time with your canine? Would you like to enjoy more? Effective communication is a key to every relationship. Let us strengthen the bond with your dog through training and better effective communication. It’s amazing the amount you can accomplish with stronger communication and a healthier bond with your dog. We believe we can help you with this. We are one of the most reviewed dog training companies in the United States but don’t take our word for it. Check out our testimonials and what our other clients have to say about us on our website. We think you’ll agree. We strive to be the best dog training West Jordan Utah facility that we can possibly be. Did I mention that your first lesson is only a dollar, providing your puppy is older than 4 months. Come and see us.

What is the right age to start training your dog? Once again, we are going to compare children to dogs. Children mature at different stages. So do dogs. Some children are ready to enter kindergarten and learning at 4 years old while others need to wait until they’re 6 years old. Puppies are usually ready around 4 months old, however, some are eager to learn at 3 months old and others have to wait until they’re 6 months. Each puppy has their own personality and their own growth rate and maturity rate.

We will be happy to train your puppy as soon as that puppy is ready. Not sure if your dog is ready yet? Give us a call. We’d be happy to assess your puppy’s readiness. We can help your puppy learn crate training, potty training, to stop unnecessary barking, to come when called, and more. Find the best dog training West Jordan Utah and come to see us today.

Ever wondered how your puppy can pick up on what you’re feeling? Did you know your dog can smell your feelings? Dogs can also hear higher-pitched sounds than people. They hear at 45000 hertz, whereas people here up to 23000 hertz. Dogs also have a legendary sense of smell and have 300 million receptors in their nose, whereas people have only 5 million receptors. When your dog feels your agitation and your anxiety, it increases there’s. They don’t always know what to do. They just want to be there to make you feel better. Effective communication helps your dog understand specific commands designed to strengthen that communication and bond between you and your pet. Call us for the best dog training West Jordan Utah. Our goal is effective communication between you and your dog.

Tip Top K9 strives to be the best. We are one of the most reviewed dog training companies in the United States. We had a good dog guarantee and a 95% success rate. Schedule your 1st lesson for $1. Call us today at (833) 484-7867. Visit our website at to find more information or listen to a podcast. We would love to serve you and your dog. See you soon.

Best Dog Training West Jordan Utah | Do You Consider Your Dog Family?

Do you consider your dog family? Do you sign your dog’s name to your Christmas card? Did you know this is a common practice among 75% of dog owners? Today it’s easier to consider your dog a family member. Most people refer to their dog as fur-babies. Some even call them grand fur-babies. You can dress your dog. You can personalize their food bowl, their bed, and just about any other product offered for your dog. Let us help you personalize your dog training program at Tip Top K9. We strive to offer the best dog training West Jordan Utah.

Tip Top K9 serves all breeds and all ages of canine companions and their humans. Your dog loves to learn. The old adage you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is it not always true. After all, dog is man’s best friend and woman’s too. A recent study shows that dogs are just one small group of animal willing to show voluntary and unselfish kindness to others without a reward. However rewarding your dog is not necessarily a bad thing. Dogs view rewards as love and attention, treats, time with you, and a few other variations of these tokens. Let us teach you a stronger more effective communication with your dog that will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Sign up for a training session today with Tip Top K9. We strive to be the best dog training West Jordan Utah has to offer.

We understand what it’s like to consider your dog part of the family okay. We have a staff of caring, dog-loving, professional trainers to serve your dog training needs. Our founder has a long history of loving dogs. You might say it runs in the family. His father’s side of the family used to train bird dogs. Some people feel that it’s hard to have a dog on a chain or in a backyard where they can’t enjoy time with their people or other dogs or be out in public because their owners can’t control them. Dogs need your time, your love, and a little training for control just like children. We can help you fix these issues. Our training program teaches your dog not to pull on his leash during a walk or an outing, to not jump, and to come on command. Coming on command and obedience also helps your dog have the ability to be off leash when the law permits wherever you’re at. This creates a distinct advantage for you and your dog when it comes to having more fun. It also makes family time much easier. Let us offer you the best dog training West Jordan Utah.

At Tip Top K9 dog training we have a good dog guarantee. we want your dog to succeed. your docs success increases family success in your home. we have a 95% success rate. We are able to help 95% of the dogs brought to us. Hard to handle and aggressive behavior are Specialties we try to address here at Tip Top K9. schedule your first lesson today for just $1. For this special price, your puppy must be at least four months old. Like children, all dogs mature at a different rate so for months is just a standard starting point. Some are ready before that some ready at an older age like 6 months . Give us a call to find out if your puppy is ready for obedience training.We work with all breeds and all ages.

Ready for our good dog guarantee? Visit us today at Tip Top K9. You can find us online at Come and see us online and listen to our podcasts. You can hear topics such as socialization, toys and play, and multiple dog training. We offer a money back guarantee. Let’s schedule your first lesson for just $1. Don’t forget about that good dog guarantee. We are one of America’s most reviewed dog training companies. We strive to offer you the best dog training services available. Give us a call at (833) 484-7867 today.