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If you have been looking for the best plano dog training, Tip Top K-9 Is going to be your best choice. Our lessons vary in different types of ways so we are here to service you based on the needs that you are wanting to be fixed and your dog. We can address any of these with the proper personalized plan that we will create when we set you up on your first consultation. This is going to work perfectly for you and fit right into your schedule to be convenient. It is going to be 1 hour at the same time every week.

We want you to understand what it’s like to have a lovable and under control dog, this is why we provide the best plano dog training. All dogs are lovable and can be made into a family pack, they just sometimes need that extra training and to show them how to properly act. Dogs can be very excited and when they do they can act out and start to portray bad habits. This can give you the wrong idea, when in reality it is just because the dog has not been trained. This is where our company comes in and helps you with all your problems.

When it comes to having the best plano dog training you’re going to need the best trainers as well. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to retaining an arsenal of only the best trainers in the area. These trainers work for us full time and are dedicated to their job. They are experienced and I’ve been doing this type of position for a long time. They offer private lessons where they come to your house and teach your dog exclusively. that one of our dog trainers comes to your house for an hour and shows you what they can do.

We want to earn your confidence. This is why we are providing to all of our new customers and clients that your first lesson is only going to be $1. We have been going to return this to a dollar back to charity so it is a win-win for everybody. instead of paying $100 for your first lesson you can only be paying $1. This can kind of give you an idea about our facility and see if you like it, call me and really know you will. we want you to get familiar and an idea of what we provide.

There is no time to waste if you are ready to get your pet on training and into school then we are going to be the perfect facility to do it. You can contact our office anytime 1.833.484.7867 or visit our website at your convenience at We can set you up with your first consultation or appointment with an experienced trainer and answer any questions you may have concerning your visit to the facility. You can also visit our website for loaded information about all of our services and what our clients have said about us.

Best plano dog training | Puppy Training

If you have a puppy you’re going to need the best plano dog training classes around. It is important to start your dog off and dog training in the early stages of their lives such as when they are a puppy, where 4 to 6 months is what our trainers prefer the most to bring them in. If you are tired of your puppy not being potty trained, chewing, biting, tearing up all of your furniture and items, whining, barking, and being bad then it is time to bring them in and get them straightened up. We want you to enjoy your puppy.

You are going to be pleased when deciding to go with the best plano dog training. By the time we are done training you’re working with your puppy you are going to be shocked. your dog is going to be the whole new puppy and on their best behavior all the time. The best time to bring your dog in for puppy training is 4 to 6 months, is what is preferred by trainers. if your dog is a quick learner and more advanced three to four months. It all depends on how fast your dog is going to keep up.

When looking for the best plano dog training, you need Tip-Top K-9 for your puppy training needs. And it’s important for us to help work with your dog on environmental sadness. This is to ensure that in any environment they go into they can be ready and accustomed to use their tricks that they learned in puppy class and put them to use. This is to help them be more accurate when it comes to traveling and commotion. You want your puppy to be ready for action and confident throughout the entire process of being in different types of environments.

It is also important for your puppy to learn great socialization. It is important for them to know when they are in different environments how to react to people, kids, or other animals trying to connect with them. it is important that they have the right reactions and to not promote bad habits. This is why it is so important to us to replace any bad habits your dog was ingrained with and to replace them with good ones. This can save you a lot of trouble, damage, money, and time. puppies can be very bad without the correct training.

Once you get Hands-On experiences of the results these classes are going to produce you are going to be astonished. We want you to be able to experience this and that is why we are going to give you your first lesson for just $1. is there so you and your puppy can go and fill out the environment and see how you like it? Please call our office or visit our website anytime at 1.833.484.7867 or this is going to be full of information that you need to move forward.