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You might be wondering the best way to start boarding dogs in Owasso. You will be thrilled to know that here at Tip Top K9, we can provide for you the top-rated dog training program in the state. You will also be relieved to know that our services, while professional quality, are very affordable. We offer many different services to cater to all different kinds of dogs. If you think dog training is right for you, you need to contact us immediately so that we can get started training your precious pet.

Here at Tip Top K9, we specialize in boarding dogs in Owasso. If you are in the Tulsa where Owasso area, then we are the place to take your dog for behavior training. We have proven to be the best dog trainers in the area, and you can find all of our reviews on our website. Many of our past clients have raved about the quality of our service and the affordability of our prices. We had a reputation of very high success rate for each dog that goes through our program. We are committed to helping your dog become the best-trained dog that he can be. You will be glad to know that we take very special care of your dog during the time that he is with us.

Something you will love about boarding dogs in Owasso with our amazing company unbeatable prices. One thing that we offer no other company can offer is our one dollar first training. That’s right, your first training session is only one dollar. You will be able to see from your first training how beneficial this program is for your pet. We are confident that even after your first session, your dog will learn so much. You will definitely want to get him enrolled in our amazing training programs.

Even after your first training session with us here at Tip Top K9, you will clearly see how much we truly care for your dog. There is nowhere else where you can find our amazing service for such an amazing price. We price our programs based on your specific dog and how much training he or she will need. Many dogs can be trained in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. Our goal is to make sure that your dog is fully trained before he leaves our program. We can assure you that your investment will definitely be worth every penny. Your dog will be so well behaved that you will be able to take him anywhere you want.

Even after looking out our amazing website, you will clearly be able to see how much our services are worth. If you are having trouble with your pets behavior, or you just want to make sure you will never have trouble again, and this company can make sure of that. Our amazing programs are designed to help your dog, no matter what age, and very well behaved. You will love looking at our website at to see all the different training programs that we offer. We would appreciate if you would give us a call at 1-833-484-7867 so that you can talk to her amazing customer service staff. We can set up a free consultation to decide which program would be best for your precious pup.