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boarding dogs in Tulsa | Who’s The Good Boy?

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

When it comes to boarding dogs in Tulsa, there really is only one business that outdoes the rest by their exceptionalism and their genuine care and love for the work that they do and your dogs. This place will have to easily be Tip Top K9 training. They really do go above and beyond with all of their clients and I mean your little furry faced friend. This is the place where you actually yield positive results and also know that your dog is safe with good. Considering you consider little Fido to be part of the family then you should make sure you are looking into who is taking care of them.

Another tricky thing to think of whenever you are looking for those who are boarding dogs in Tulsa, is make sure that they are keeping a clean facility because I am telling you, so many get their dogs back and they are riddled with things such as: mites, sleaze, and other random parasites that you do not want your little fur baby having. This unfortunately epidemic in the industry and why you should go with only those who actually keep up the maintenance as well is the great service. Not only does Tip Top K9 keep their facilities superclean they also have 10 years of experience in dog training see are also getting exceptional service with them.

They are extremely picky with the hiring process because they want to make sure their standards are being upheld no matter which dog trainer you are working with. This is why we’re looking for boarding dogs in Tulsa and where to take them then you should just go with Tip Top K9 because they are led by a wonderful man named Ryan who is always had a passion for teaching dogs and learning more about them so that we could better communicate with them. His mission statement is to help correct behavioral problems so that dogs aren’t being rehomed nor the collected. You will be able see this type of love seep into the business and it is shown throughout the programs and through all of his employees.

They do all kinds of stuff to make it super convenient for you as the owner and if you have it on the go schedule but want to make sure your dog is making its appointments thing you can do the pickup and drop-off system that they have in place. They also offer podcasts for you to listen and learn as your busy doing other things. That way you and your dog are getting the most learning from this experience. If I were to categorize the services they offer I would have to say they basically cover: potty training, dog training, puppy training, aggressive training, and group classes.

Go ahead and get started with them today so that you can start experiencing a different version of your dog that will be good for all of your guests that come to your home. You can find them online by visiting: or you can call them by dialing: 1.833.484.7867!

boarding dogs in Tulsa | Dog Pro’s That You Know

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

It seems like some of us just kind of get in a give up mentality whenever the going gets difficult but in reality this will only hinder us from the true happiness and fulfillment from overcoming those obstacles. If you’ve been having troubles with this type of mindset lately thing you need to just flush thinking away and look into the best places for boarding dogs in Tulsa. It really is super easy now see don’t have to worry yourself away. With just a simple and quick Google search, you will find that Tip Top K9 training is by far the best. They have been withholding a 5.0 Star rating for years now and that is with over 500 reviews and counting. There so many reasons why they are the best but let me go over you with you today.

First of all, you are going to find an insane amount of value by working with them. They start you off by giving you your first lesson for only one dollar. There are no catches. They just truly believe that you should be able to experience the value that you will be receiving before you ever have to pay the full price. They are also extremely confident and the value and quality of their work that they know you will want to come back and pay for service from them. This type of confidence is easily what makes me look into them when I’m trying to find are willing to do boarding dogs in Tulsa and will actually take care of the dog in a safe and loving manner.

They offer all types of services and they do this with a wealth of knowledge. Over 10 years of experience and they are nationwide, ever-expanding. Currently they are in seven states and you are fortunate enough to be in one of those. This is way should jump on this opportunity because there are those in other states that only wish they had Tip Top K9 training in their town. So if you’ve been on the hunt and looking for boarding dogs in Tulsa then look no further! They also have a guarantee of fixing your dog’s problems 95% of the way, guaranteed, or you get your money back. They really are confident in their skills and it shows in their attitude and as well as the response that you see from their other clients online.

You also find immediate convenience with them because they have pickup and drop off options available. If you are on the go that you can use that and you can also listen to their podcast that they put on their website. Those are available because it is quite essential for you to learn how to communicate with your dog while your dog is getting its training. Those podcasts are free to you and something you should definitely take advantage of. Ryan has been working with dog since he was a young boy training and walking his neighbor’s dog so that they would be kept off of the leash. He later made it his mission to help those with behavioral problems so that they are not rehomed.

Find them by visiting: or you can give them a call by dialing: 1.833.484.7867!