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If you are looking for someone to help you with Boarding Dogs in Tulsa, then you come to our place. Here at Tip Top K9 we are to make sure that you have the best whiskey production were to take a care of them. We can do everything we can do for you and your dog. Were to make sure that we are fully training them a giving them incredible result servicing a time. We truly want you to have the relationship with you are the ones sometimes because of their behavior are not able to have them as a messenger life as you want. We were taken to the Parker taken for waltzer to the store or even just on car rides without them trying to jump out of people or barking and people are simple just not listening. We want to be able to take care of this for you and give you the training that your dog deserves.

Here at Tip Top K9 we know what to do and we been doing it for a very long time. We have a proven system that works and we are able to train your dog fully and give them the very best options for continuing this training home as well. We get to know every single document you to know what makes them work and what makes them tick so that we are able to teach them in a way that is personalized to them in their personalities versus trying to make the train the same way that another dog may. We know that there are individualized ways to train people and we feel the same way about dog so we don’t ever just do a customized one-size-fits-all kind of training.

We will make sure that we fully customize your dog training a make it work for them and for your family and for what it is that your dog needs and wants and what you need in one. This is why we are the best in the industry and that’s why you want to work with us here at Tip Top K9. We are true to give you the ultimate experience and Boarding Dogs in Tulsa and you are gonna want to work with anyone else after you work with our team.

Were to take amazing care of her dog and you’re gonna love the fact that your dog is in a come back the same time they were when they went only are to know how to behave better than are going to be using the bathroom in the house with a not gonna be barking at people as much or jumping of people were biting or scratching.

We really do want to be able to give you all the way to live together in harmony so call us at 833-484-7867 or go to for more information. You will find out that Boarding Dogs in Tulsa is what we do best and we will help you out today at Tip Top K9.