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Here at tip top K-9 Training Center in Boise Idaho how to offer the town of Boise Dog Boarding. Here at our facility we deal with misbehaved dogs and dogs that have emotional problems and we tried to get everything fixed. We do have a guarantee that we will fix 95% of their problems or we will give you all your money back. If your dog is very badly behaved we do offer boarding which means that your dog will stay with one of our Trainers for a few weeks and they will work with them for 2 to 3 hours a day to help them learn a video and commands.

Just to get you started we can offer you a first lesson for just $1 so you know that we are the place for you. We do offer a variety of services that are customized to your dog’s needs. We also offer in the city of Boise Dog Boarding as I mentioned before. This is only if your dog is misbehaving and cannot deal with either group classes or just coming at our facility for a couple hours a day. This program will have your dog working with a professional expert trainer for 2 to 3 hours a day to help him get his behavior straightened up. That is the worst Case scenario, so if you would like to see how we can help your dog today, definitely book your first lesson with us for only one dollar to see how we can help you and your family get your dog on the right track.

When it comes to aggressive dogs, would you recommend that they be put in boarding. So they can work closely with a trainer and they can safely be around other people so you don’t have to worry about the safety of others when your dog is there. Boise Dog Boarding Is offered here A Tip Top K-9 Training as mentioned before and our facilities are top-notch so your pet does not feel like they’re away from home. After the 2 to 4 weeks depending on your dog’s needs you will come pick them up and they will be a whole different dog that you can enjoy and have them around your family and friends and leave out any worries that it might attack someone.

I would like to mention that there are no prices or packages on the website and there is a reason why. Every dog is different in every dog is assessed in a different way depending on how they behave and why the owner needs to be fixed for their pets. As mentioned before every dog is different, that is why we cannot give you an exact price and we cannot give everyone at the same price because one dog might need one lesson or three lessons or other dogs might need 10 lessons to get better at their behavior. But no matter what our services are very cost-efficient and they are guaranteed to work. And it doesn’t always matter how bad your dog is, the first left and it’s only $1.

If you want to get in contact with us please give us a call at 833-484-7867. Or simply visit our website and click the contact us tab so we can contact you.

Boise Dog Boarding| Dogs in boise idaho trained today

If you have a very misbehaved dog and you just can’t have them at home and you need to train your dog today our company offers in Boise Dog Boarding, where the pet will stay with one of our experts and be trained 2 to 3 hours daily for several weeks. Our company has been in the business for 15 years and has over thousands of 5 Star reviews and we guarantee that we will fix 95% of the problems no matter how bad they are. We have worked with several breeds, over hundreds of breeds and also we have worked with over 5,000 families who are now happy customers that have achieved the results they’ve wanted with their dog’s Behavior.

When it comes to putting your dog in boarding that is definitely the worst case scenario We have seen. We do this because some of the dogs need so much work that one of our experts will be there everyday with them and work up to 3 hours for several weeks to get their behavior better. Boise Dog Boarding Is the service we are proud to offer to our area because this helps your dog have faster results, saves you money in that way because we’re able to fix them in a shorter time and also saves you time because we’re here to train your dog for you. Your dog would only be in the morning for a couple of weeks and when you come to get them they will be a different dog that you will be proud to call your pet.

Our Boise Dog Boarding facility will help your dog get better faster as mentioned before because they will be with an expert trainer everyday and they will work with him after 3 hours. This in our experience has been best for very aggressive dogs who are not able to have their behavior fixed within a couple of days and need extra work, probably more than an hour a day to get better and to have the results of their owner desires. This program is ideal for families who are afraid to leave their dog around children or around strangers because the dog will likely attack others who are not the owner. In the past I have seen many dogs have great results from our boarding program and are now great pets to their families.

Here at Tip-Top K9 we are excited to get you started with your first lesson for just $1 just to make sure we assess your needs exactly the way they need to be. so there is no risk to you and this is definitely a no-brainer so get your appointment set up today.

We are ready to get you started today if you are and you want to get started with having a well-behaved dog. Our phone number is 833-484-7867. Our website by clicking on contact us and filling out the information. After you do so a team member will give you a call to get you set up with your first $1 appointment.