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If you’re looking for the right Dallas Dog Trainer, then your dog company because we get results, and as such we are one of the highest and most reviewed dog trainers and the United States operating today. With over a decade of dog training experience, and a 90.3% success rate, we are very confident that we are going to be a will to get the results that you want your dog’s behavior. We have 12 locations with one available in the Dallas area, and if you want a company that has been featured on Bloomberg, by Forbes and business insider for their dog training abilities, they come and talk to us today so we can get you started by setting up lesson. We have solutions for people that have dogs that just a cooperate.

When it comes down to it, as the best option for a Dallas Dog Trainer, we do is solve problems. If your dog is chewing issues, peeing on the carpet, barking all the time digging holes or whatever the case may be, except for you. And as a matter if your dog is exhibiting behavior all of them simultaneously, we’re going to build help you. We also don’t care is what age because we have been able to train everything. With a 99.3% success rate that also includes 134 different breeds, and dogs that have ranged in age anywhere from four months to 14 years. So as it turns out, an old dog can be taught new tricks, and we can do it. We have done it, and if you’ve got your dog, the make she bring us and let us solve that problem.

Incredible success rate as a Dallas Dog Trainer because utilize a better method than what the majority of dog trainers today use. They haven’t caught up to contemporary dog training, and they are sometimes unaware that there’s a better way. We use a method that is not rely on traditional positive and negative reinforcements, and punishments and rewards, but rather we use a system that simply uses attention. We teach attention. Basically what we do is using a leash in a we teacher dog to pay attention and forced him to listen to your commands. Not only is a more reliable more consistent and a better method, but is also healthier for your dog because it is not rely on punishments and rewards or fear or respect which is often want the positive and negative reinforcement model turns into.

We also have a wide variety of classes that are going to be specific to your dog’s needs instead of putting your dog in a one-size-fits-all class. We a specific classes that address specific needs, and we can help you decide which ones that your dog needs whether it is one or combination of many whenever you visit on your first dog training session which we provide to you for just one dollar. That way we can get to know the situation, you and your dog and what your dog needs are and come up with a customized path to figure dog’s needs with specific classes that address specific issues and specific types of dogs.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you here at Tip Top K9 and you’ve got a dog problems that need dog training solutions, then we’ve got the answer for you here, so let us it at that first lesson for you want for one dollar and give us call anytime to talk to one of our team members who can help you set that up at 1-833-484-7867. We also encourage you to go by our website in the meantime to check out all the information that we have available there including more information about our method, the history of our company and more about our founder, and even our very own podcast at

Dallas Dog Trainer | Tip Top K9 vs an Average Training Company

Have you heard of Tip Top K9? If you haven’t, and you need a Dallas Dog Trainer, then we encourage you to seek us out instead of the average competition out there. This because here Tip Top K9, we’re not just the best option here in Dallas, but the best options in the United States is one of the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the country with 12 locations total. We had been providing dog training as a company for over a decade, and we been very successful utilizing our unique method, in our approach to create training classes, and we been featured on Bloomberg, by Forbes and business insider, and we are going to be a will to bring a level of commitment and results to your dogs behavioral changes that you will find at most other dog trainers.

Whenever you go to any other average Dallas Dog Trainer, you can find out that first of all, they rely on the old method of positive and negative reinforcement most likely. That is what the majority of trainers in the country still allow today, and that is becoming outdated. Instead of using behavior based on punishments and rewards to condition your dog based off of fear or respect or expecting something, we have a better way. We don’t utilize punishments of awards, but we simply teacher dog using attention. We teach attention using nothing more than a call or in a leash, and make sure that we get a conditioned response. Basically, we forced dog to be attention and they must your commands. This is proven to be much more efficient and effective and consistent method than the traditional methods, and his work for us extremely well over the last decade or so, within the 99.3% success rate. It’s also healthier for your dog because it is not psychologically manipulating your dog the way if you’re and respect for punishments and rewards.

Also whenever you go to an average Dallas Dog Trainer, they’re probably get to give you a one-size-fits-all box of a training class to put your dog in. Not all dogs need all training, and not all docs need to be trained the same way. We realize this, in order to make sure that our training is effective, we break up our training in several different types of specific training classes. So we have a class specifically for puppy training, potty training even aggressive dog training. We assess your dog’s needs the first time we meet you for your first lesson which we provide for one dollar, and we find out going forward but we need to address with specific training path for your dog. That way your dog gets their specific needs behaviors addressed so they can focus on what they need to learn, and nothing that they don’t.

Also find the most other average dog trainers in Dallas are going to focus as heavily on customer service to make sure that you also have a fantastic experience by offering things like doggie pickup and drop-off. We to make sure that we do everything we can also involve the commitment to value. So in an addition to having very affordable rates, we also want to make sure that we offer you better incentives than the competition and we give you your first lesson for just one dollar, and other things like our good dog guarantee for example. Whatever your dog comes home from our doggie boot camp they also come home of the good dog guarantee which states that we fix 95% of your dog’s behavior problems or you receive your money back, and that’s a guarantee. We put a money back guarantee on your dog’s behavior and our training.

So if you want traditional boring and ineffective and the average dog trainer, the make sure that you get touch with us here Tip Top K9, and let us show you how great dog training is done. But is that you up with your first lesson for one dollar, and give us call anytime at 1-833-484-7867, or you can fill free to go to the website anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at we can find all this information and much more including customer testimonials, our very own podcast and much more.