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Our Dallas dog training has proven so effective that we now have locations across seven different states. That is correct we have been so fortunate to be able to help so many people train their dogs, that are demand for services is expanding more each and every day. That being said we have made sure to make our services more easily accessible to you no matter where you live. On top of our five locations within the state of Oklahoma, we now have 12 locations across seven states. While we are happy to and excited to offer our services in these locations, if there is not a location close to you today, there are more locations coming soon

If you live in Arizona and you are looking for the same dog training that you can get from a Dallas dog training company like Tip Top K9 in your life. That is because we now have a location located in Gilbert, Arizona! This location serves the communities of Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Temple. It serves these communities in addition to the surrounding areas as well! We’re so excited to be serving these wonderful communities with quality services that are in desperate need here in Arizona! If this location is not the right fit for you, we are sure to be bringing more locations in the near future!

Our Dallas dog training program is also now available all the way up in Michigan! That’s right if you live in Michigan there is a Tip Top K9 located in Troy. This location is designed to serve Troy, Birmingham, Madison Heights, as well as the surrounding area. We are so excited to be bringing our dog training skills all the way up into the northern region of the United States. It’s a long way from Owosso Oklahoma to Troy Michigan, but we are glad that our impact is growing more and more each and every year! We cannot wait to work with you more in the years to come to Troy, Michigan.

Did you know that we even have our Tip Top K9 in Utah now? That’s right we now have a location in West Jordan Utah. Now this location in West Jordan, Utah is designed to serve the greater salt lake city area. This is because we know there are tons of people here who need high-quality dog training who do not have access to it in the many years in the past. Hopefully that all changes with this West Jordan location probably open and serving this wonderful community. Again while Utah is a far cry way from Owosso,, we could not be more excited about our presence here in this we think there are big things to come out of this amazing dog community of Utah.

If you want to find more information about what it takes to either open up a Tip Top K9 franchise near you, or just learn more about the services that we provide all you need to do is visit our website If you would rather just was called directly to learn more that is fine with us as well, as we make sure our phones are always ready to be picked up at 1.833.484.7867.

Dallas Dog Training | Our Most Frequently-Asked Questions!

Here at Tip Top K9 we often times get asked the same questions repeatedly about our Dallas dog training. You might be wondering what some of the most frequently asked questions we get. That is why we are going to compile them here so you have a single resource to build figure out exactly what questions we get asked the doctor. We’re going to do our best to answer these questions and the limited amount of time and space that we have to. These answers will be answered to the best of our abilities, but as we are not rocket scientists, sometimes they are over our heads.

So, when it comes to Dallas dog training, oftentimes the very most freely question that we ever get asked each and every time that we speak to people’s homes to the cause. Our answer to that is our dog training is not the most affordable option on the market. However we do believe that we are the most reasonably priced, because no one else can touch our effectiveness. We also work with you to make sure that we provide a package for almost any budget. We truly just want to help dogs and their owners live harmonious lies. If you are afraid that you cannot afford the dog training, please contact us so that we can see we can work out with you!

Are you wondering where your nearest Dallas dog training option is? Lucky for you we now have 12 different locations serving a total of seven different states. We have been lucky to expand and multiply greatly over the last several years. We now have locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. With more locations coming each and every day, if there is not one near you today, make sure you follow us for more information! Another option you have there is not a tiptop near you you can always inquire about franchising opportunities and what that might mean for you and your family isolation point if you’re interested in this we encourage you to visit our website today by going to

Another great question that we get asked every single time we speak to anybody is how we able to offer a good dog guarantee. Well that is simple. Seeing as our program resulted in a 99.3% success rate, we know that we have the confidence to provide you with dog training with a guarantee. Considering we would only have to refund .07% of our customers if we were not able to train their dog and bring 95% of their habits within 2 to 4 weeks, then we feel secure and offering this amazing guarantee. All the while making you more confident, which only leads to the likelihood of success!

If you want to learn more about the freelance questions we have about dog training we need to do is visit our website. You will find it on our raising website whenever you go to today. The other option you have is to call into one of our customer support specialist by dialing 1.833.484.7867.