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If you’re ready to start looking for Dog Trainers in Dallas then you probably don’t want to sell than anything less than the best for your for baby. When that’s the case, you want to go for the best, and one of the best dog trainers in the country and available here in the Dallas area is Tip Top K9. Tip Top K9 we are actually one of the highest and most reviewed in the entire country. We have 1500+ five-star Google reviews the last time we checked, and 1500 people can be liars. People really appreciate the incredible results we get dog training, are affordable rates in our value, and the customer service that we provide. Is because we are a results driven company, and we are obsessed with making sure that we help dogs, and we help families, and that we do so also providing you with an incredible overall service that everyone can appreciate.

As company has been, in business for a decade of dog training experience, we are capable, experience, and highly qualified to make sure that we get the same can results for your dog. We actually have an overall success rate of 99.3%. Actually takes into account the entire history the company, and also locations in the thousands of dogs that we have trained. We have one of the best success rates in the country, and we are very confident that we can help your dog and that’s because we rely on a better method than the majority of other trainers today.

One of the secrets to our success the fact that we do not Ron the traditional model of positive and negative reinforcement like other Dog Trainers in Dallas. This is most trainers in America still today. We have a better method that is proven and is provide a consistent results for us in any of the other top trainers in America today. As a method that teaches attention. We teach your dog attention using a conditioned response utilizing only their leash and their collar. This is a much more effective technique that doesn’t use punishments and rewards or narrative also the fear and respect, and make sure that talks simply know how to pay attention, and they listen to your commands, and it ends up being much more consistent, reliable and longer-lasting. So help healthier for your dog then making them fear respect you, or punishing them and rewarding them constantly and manipulating them into certain behaviors.

Were also one of the best dog training companies in the country simply because we are dedicated to making sure that we give you a better value. First of all even though we are one of the top dog trainers in the country and get incredible results, we are not expensive and we are affordable. We have very affordable rates and competitive rates, and in addition that we also want to make sure that we cut you great deals whenever we can like making sure that you always as a new first-time customer get your first lesson for just one dollar, and we also have a guarantee on our dog training in the form of the good dog guarantee which says that we fix 95% of your dog’s problems or you get your money back guarantee. This is a 100% guarantee, and people trust us more than anybody else.

If you’re interested in receiving some of the top dog training in the country, especially your house, then go and give us call here at 1-833-484-7867 and set up your first lesson for dollar, in the meantime, we encourage you to look at all the information that we have available on our website as well at

Dog Trainers in Dallas | a More Efficient Training Process

If you’re looking for Dog Trainers in Dallas, then come and talk to us here Tip Top K9 because we can provide you with a better way. Whereas most of the dog trainers out there today utilize a quickly aging model of positive and negative reinforcement training, and these a one-size-fits-all class approach to training several different dog the ones with different needs, and they take several weeks sometimes to make sure they get results, here at company we’ve got solutions to all of these inefficiencies that are plaguing most other dog trainers today. Some of the highest and most reviewed dog trainers in the country, and a company has been featured on Bloomberg television, Forbes and business insider, and have over a decade worth of experience training dogs as a company, we feel qualified to say that we have a better way, and we can provide you with better results, on a more efficient timetable.

Our most comprehensive training process here whenever you are looking for to the other typical Dog Trainers in Dallas, is our longest class typically which takes about 2 to 4 weeks. This is our full comprehensive doggie boot camp. This is where your dog lives with one of our trainers for 2 to 4 weeks they learn to correct their behaviors of things like jumping, digging, running away, nuisance barking and more. This is for stubborn dogs, and so it takes the longest, and sometimes up to the full four weeks. However this is our longest class, but sometimes you can find other dog trainers can take this long to correct regular simple behaviors.

We get better results than other Dog Trainers in Dallas because we use a different method. We use a more the method that is not as common yet, but yields much better results, efficiently, and also better for your dog’s overall health. Is because it does not lie on punishments and rewards and it never devolves into fear respect because we use a method is simply teaches attention. We use attention with a leash and a two and a conditioned response. All it takes sure that we can change your dog’s behavior in a matter of days or matter of weeks. We can provide a better turnaround time trainer so whenever you want to make sure that you’re getting results for your dog, the consider Tip Top K9.

Also whenever you come to us for the first time as a new customer we can provide our first for a single dollar, and that is just to that we can make sure that we provide you with an a customized training path your dog for your dog can receive the specific training that needs to address this particular behavior and his personality.

So if you’re ready to see this for yourself, the know hesitate to reach out to us to give us call anytime at 1-833-484-7867, and speak with our team members who can set you up with this one dollar first training lesson, and in the meantime, we encourage you to always go to our website we can check out tons of other great information about who we are, what we do, with links to our reviews, our very own podcast and much more at