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When it comes to dog trainers in Dallas, Tip Top K9 is the very best dog trainer in town. That is because you are not going to find a doctor that is going to be able to boast a higher success rate than us. The success rate is due to our proven path that focuses on training the human as well as the dog. This is also going to lead to lasting results that are going to stand the test of time. That is because whenever we teach a dog how to behave, we do so in a manner that is known as transferable obedience.

Oftentimes dog trainers in Dallas teach a dog how to behave, but it is for a short period or it is so close it when the dogs around the trainer. The longer the dog spends with the trainer, the more obedient that dog becomes. That is because the trainer teaches you and the dog overly complicated techniques for controlling your dog. By implementing a super simple system, and commands that the everyday human can employ to coexist with their dog in a peaceful manner, we ensure long-term success. We believe that you should not have to be a dog whisperer to be able to maintain control of your dog. This is what makes us better than many of the other dog trainers.

Another reason why dog trainers in Dallas that are not Tip Top K9 do not have the results that we do is that their focus is entirely on the dog, and not on both the dog and the owner. While we understand that our job is to train dogs, our philosophy includes the owner as well. That is because if we teach a dog to behave, but we do not teach the owner how to make them behave and respond, you’re not going to get the results that you wish. You are continually going to have to bring your dog back to training over and over again. We want to do it once, and do it right. That is why we always say the effective dog training, starts with effective human training.

Whenever you bring your dog to us we are going to teach a transferable obedience. That means that instead of just simply having one master that the dog listens to, your dog is going to listen to not only our commands is the trainer, but everyone in your family. We’re going to ensure that the dog does not listen to dad better than mom, or vice versa. We are going to ensure that your dog truly learns to listen to everyone’s command, with the same amount of respect length to each person. This is a problem that happens oftentimes whenever people do dog training at their home. Because most people focus on reward-based training, and the humans hand out different levels of rewards, you get a varying level of respect. Essentially one person pays better than the other when it comes to treats.

If you want our dog trainers to find the best dog training in Dallas. All you have to do is visit our website and fill out the form on the Contact Us form for us to get in touch with you and your dog today. We will then set up the first lesson, which will only cost one dollar. You can manage this by going to right now. Another great way to take advantage of this amazing promotion is by calling into our offices during regular business hours at 1.833.484.7867.

Dog Trainers In Dallas | We Will Help You Not Only Love Your Dog But Truly Enjoy Them.

If you want dog trainers in Dallas that are going to help you not only love your dog but truly enjoy them look we are the top options for you. Is because no one else is going to build a provide you with the level of enjoyment that you have always desired. Like we will. It is because it is a statistically proven fact that a well-behaved dog, is more enjoyable than one that does not behave. That actually may not be a proven fact, as 60% of statistics are made up on the spot, including that one. There a lot of people who love their dog dearly, but do not honestly enjoy it. It is our goal to help eliminate this conflict.

Whenever you hire our dog trainers in Dallas we’re going to teach your dog to respond to five nonnegotiable commands each and every time. What this means is your dog is going to adhere to these commands the first time, every time. This is the basis for a well-behaved dog. These are the basics if you will. Everything else that we are going to do in our dog training program or that you wish to teach a dog is built upon these pillars. Making sure that we establish a solid foundation before we continue on with more advanced training is going to ensure a highly trained dog, giving results that are made to last. Often times people train a dog, but because they don’t get the foundation of a good solid functional listing dog built first, the training falls apart after a few short months.

If you are honest with your dog trainers in Dallas you’re probably going to tell them that what you love your dog dearly, you do not enjoy them. They are more labor than they are an enjoyable bit of recreation. Do you find yourself wanting to take him for walks in the dog park around the neighborhood or even on the beach but dread it because of the fact that they do not know how to walk with a loose leash? This is one most common things we had to train dogs on time and time again. Lucky for you we even had success training a 13-year-old Rottweiler who was still pulling on a leash. That means that there is no case that we are not going to build a fix, and it is never too late for your dog to learn better habits. Even when it comes to breeds, we do not discriminate. We have helped train over 134 read successfully. That means that no matter what your pre-misconception or belief about a particular breed is as far as their ability to train, we do not share. We believe that almost every breed of dog is able to be trained to be a fully functional good dog that is going to be enjoyable.

The reason why our program so effective is because of a lifetime of support. In almost all the packages that we offer, we include lifetime phone support. On top of this phone support, we also offer you lifetime group classes to help continue your dog’s good behavior. It is the little things like this that truly make our training the most effective on the market. If you want us to help you with not only loving your dog but truly enjoying them, do not wait any longer!

If you want to hear what our real-life former customers have to say about how much more they enjoy their dog now than they used to, I had to do that is our website. We make it extremely easy for you to hear straight from the horse’s mouth what to expect after using our services. Whenever you go to you can click on the testimonials tab and see real videos of objective feedback from our real-life customers. After watching these videos if you like to put your first appointment, all you to do is give us a call at 1.833.484.7867.