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Dog Training Bartlesville | Friends For Fido

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

Whenever you are needing help for your little furry friend, Fido, you want to make sure you’re only getting the top-notch Dog Training Bartlesville that you can find. Only a short drive from you you will discover the great wonders of Tip Top K9. You’ll easily find out that you are dealing with not only the most friendly but the most genuinely caring team of Dog Training experts. If you’ve been having issues with Fido acting up around your friends and family when they arrive, such as: jumping, excessive looking, and parking then you will want to give them a call for your first lesson.

You will immediately find value as soon as you begin with them because they are gracious enough to offer the first lesson for only one dollar to you. There is no catch with that, they just feel that you should be able to experience the value they provide, before you actually have to pay full price. That right there is why you should at least give them a try for the first lesson whenever you are looking for the most exceptional Dog Training Bartlesville has in the area. They have over 10 years of experience so you know that you can rely on the process they have in place. That is the reason why they’ve been able to expand into seven states, currently.

They also are so confident in the work they do that they will guarantee you they’ll fix 95% of your little Fido’s problems or you get your money back. I feel like that speaks in volumes of what they do. They are so confident that you will have such a great experience, that you’ll want to come back to set up repeat lessons. Soon you will see your dog blossom and will have the joy of your friends and family also seeing little Fido for the sweet angel you to see him as. So if you’ve been looking for Dog Training Bartlesville has in the surrounding area, then I highly suggest that you give Tip Top K9 a try.

A good thing to know is that the founder, Ryan, grew up with several different dogs in his childhood and he cared so much for dogs that whenever he saw his neighbors dogs on a leash, he decided to start training and walking them so that he didn’t have to see that anymore. His heart has always overflowed for dogs in making sure that they are being properly communicated with, not neglected, and he has a mission of lessening dogs being rehomed. This is the genuine love that is the fuel for this business. You know that your dog is being trained by people who truly care. They only hire those who will uphold the standards that Ryan began Tip Top K9 with.

You can go ahead and find them today by visiting them online at: or you can talk to somebody by giving them a call at: 1.833.484.7867!

Dog Training Bartlesville | Beginning Journey

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

Are you just starting out on your own and now coming to terms with how much you have to actually juggle your responsibilities as an adult? That is perfectly okay and happens to every single one of us! The beginning of adulthood is always tricky, full of obstacles and constantly learning lessons. Did you just get yourself a little furry friend and suddenly he’s become too much for you to handle so you’re feeling like you might have to rehome him, not that you don’t want this sweet little furbaby but because you fear that you can’t give him the proper attention and teachings he needs. All you need to do is look for the best Dog Training Bartlesville has in the area and you’ll find it much easier to handle your new little friend and not have to give up on having him there with you for the beginning journey of adulthood.

You’ll find out immediately with a quick and simple Google search that Tip Top K9 is easily going to take the win on being the best for your little friend. They are ranking high with their 5.0 Star rating. This is with over 500 reviews from people that are just like you. And they are continuously coming in! So many people had such outstanding experiences with their training that they felt the need to share with the world! This is definitely why they’ve been able to expand 27 states, including yours! So if you’ve been looking for the most exceptional Dog Training Bartlesville has around than look no further!

Ryan, the founder, truly has a passion and a mission to lessen dogs being rehomed. He’s grown up studying and learning how to communicate with dogs of all types. As a child he grew up with several different types of dogs and he would even train/walk his neighbors dogs so that he didn’t have to see them on a leash all day. And even through college, he would spend 4 to 5 hours studying dog whisperer so that he could better understand dogs of all kinds. So if you truly want the best for your little friend thing you can do so by finding only the finest Dog Training Bartlesville can offer you, which is Tip Top K9.

And if you’re dog happens to have a more severe issues with their behavior then I recommend you look into their doggie boot camp that they provide. This is an exceptional service and has Artie done wonders for so many people and their dogs. They are going to have the homework done by the professionals, 2 to 4 weeks of your dog living with the trainer, they personalize the training for the owner so that you can continue working with your dog, as well as doing video documented training. This service is super beneficial.

Find them by visiting: or you can call them by dialing: 1.833.484.7867!