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we, the Dog Training Classes Detroit here at Tip Top K9, we are the highest and most reviewed dog training company isin all of America. Something we pride ourselves on every single day and that is a standard tobecome the greatest dog training company and all of America. We want you to know that this is what we want to give you, the greatest experience where you and your dog are going to respect one another and your dog will be in tip top shape for Tip Top K9. we are featured in six different news and journalism sites and wedo ownerships with many different companies such as Forbes, Yahoo, business insider, Bloomberg television, and more. we bring over 10 years of dog training experience tomany different states, such as Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Nevada, and many more.

We, the Dog Training Classes Detroit donate to Safari missions, something that we want to be a part of that we know other companies are part of that we want to make it our mission to make sure that many people in East Africa are given opportunity that they need to be able to be on their fee and independently Excel and their community. We want to be able to give them that opportunity and we give a portion of our sales to Safari missions. We truly want to givegive.

we, the Dog Training Classes Detroit are ready to put your dog serve the best training possible and make them the best trained dog and your community. We offer potty training, dog training, and we even do puppy training and make sure that they learn right off the bat the commands and how to be a good pup each and every single day. we offer a satisfaction guarantee as we guarantee you that 95% of problems are going to be fixed.we make sure your dog is able to be easy to walk, will listen to you, will not go to thepotty and the house.if we do not meet your satisfaction guarantee, we will give you your money back. We make this guarantee that we make for you. you will truly love the service.

Our pricing model varies from breed to breed, from age to age, and based on their needs, we will make sure that the pricing is flexible and we understand that each and every dog has different needs, different temperaments and we will make sure that they will have the attention necessary to make them a good pup and we will make sure that you have the most affordable training and the entire country. We will make sure that there are no other competitors like us because we do things right and we do right by you because we started as a small locally owned company and we have worked so hard to become where we are at today and we can guarantee you absolute quality.

if you would like to reach out to us and learn more, you can go over to our website that has a massive amount of content that you can choose from, you can learn about us, our locations, testimonials, the services that we offer and you can get started today by going to my website. Our website is you can also call us we can get you started today by going and calling our phone number. Our phone number is 833-484-7867.

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here at Tip Top K9, the Dog Training Classes Detroit, we are going to give you guarantee that we can fix 95% of the problem is that your dog has, and if you do not, we are going to give you a satisfaction guarantee that if we do not fix these problems we will give you your money back. We are adog training company and we pride ourselves on giving you the best service that has given us the opportunity to work with many different people get their dogs on track to bethe best highly trained dogs and all of America. WeI one of the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in all of America with over 10 years of experience. We truly are bestwhen it comes to dog training.

We, the Dog Training Classes Detroit are going to give you the guarantee that we are going to make things right for you and your animal and make sure that your animal is going to listen to you, do everything right and we are absolutely going to guarantee this. If you go on to our website you can get started today. All you have to do is go in but now, we can give you a list of prices because each and every different breed, size, needs that need to be met are going to be different. Our pricing is very flexible and that is what makes us great. We will give you the first lesson for one dollar. This is guarantee that we have and we want to make sure that you are able to know exactly what you’re getting into.

You can go on to our website and see exactly what you’re getting into by watching our testimonials just firsthand what you were going to be receiving when it comes to quality. You can see why people continue to go to our services, the Dog Training Classes Detroit, and why they want us to trained their dog and we are going to make it to where the pricing is going to stay the same throughout the visit and no matter how long they stayguarantee you that they are going to get the same quality as they are going to stay no matter how long. We offer pickup and drop-off and it is available as a service that we provide.

The services that we offer include Doggie Bootcamp, that we pride ourselves on because this is one of our best services. all your dogs homework is going to be done professionally and is going to have the opportunity to live 2 to 4 weeks with a trainer of ours. We provide video documentation for all of their training lessons, we are going to be the best for your dog and hard cases and unruly dogs, we can make sure that they are listening to you and respecting you each and every single day. These are personalized lessons for you just tell us what you need.

if you would like to learn more than go to our websiteand see everything that we have to offer. Our website is there you can see everything from our testimonials to our services, and you can also see our story and why we do exactly what we do. If you would like to call us and that isto find. Our phone number is on our site. Our phone number is 833-484-7867. We look forward to training your dog today.