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Are you in need of some high-quality Dog Training Classes Detroit? If you are, the come and see us here at Tip Top K9. Here Tip Top K9, we are not just the best dog training company here in the Detroit area, but we are also the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the entire nation. Throughout the entire country, companies own is one of the most trusted doctrine companies around because we get results. As a company that has grown relatively fast, from skyrocketing from our original location in Tulsa, Oklahoma to having 12 locations total in seven states right now and growing year-over-year, we have well over 1500 five-star, and have helped over 5000 families and thousands of dogs. We’ve had success because we utilize a better method in a better process than other dog trainers.

It all starts whenever you call us because you’re interested in our Dog Training Classes Detroit. You give us call Amber can be a set you up with your first lesson for just one dollar. We can do given it is one dollar lesson, it’s an awesome no-brainer that requires no thought because you really are going to lose anything that one dollar, and you’re also can build to see what we can do for you in a while you with our training method into 60 Minutes. Often people are able to see a change in a dog’s behavior after that first lesson, and it’s a win-win situation. During this is speak to you about your dog’s behavior and their needs and what you need as well. That way we come up with a personalized and customized route to get your dog training. Is because we know here Tip Top K9, that there’s a one-size-fits-all plan for your dog, and were make sure that your dog gets the training that they actually need.

From there we can also figure out which Dog Training Classes Detroit you and your pooch will need. We have a wide range of classes we do choose from that include specific potty training classes, puppy training classes, aggressive dog training classes and a wide variety of group classes as well and much more. We have classes that can teacher dog manners and we would have a conference of doggie boot camp.

And doesn’t stop there because whenever your dog goes to our doggie boot camp in which they have a lot to learn, they come home they also come home with the good dog guarantee which is our money back guarantee on our training results. If your dog to have 95% of the behavior problems fixed, to get your money back, guaranteed. We highly encourage you to get touch with us to begin the process and set up your first lesson with Tip Top K9 soon as possible.

Can always get touch with us by calling us the same number to matter what location you need to go to at 1.833.484.7867 or you go directly to the website also reach out to us to schedule that also and check out other information while you’re there at

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Here at Tip Top K9, we’re are in the business of providing results. We’re here for people that need high-quality Dog Training Classes Detroit, and want to get results that they pay for. That’s what we do here Tip Top K9, and we are here to solve the problem if you are having any kind of issue behavioral issues in general with your dog. We solve this problem by providing you high quality dog training that gets results, by utilizing a better method than most other dog trainers out there. If you want to make sure that you’re getting the results that you been seeking, then stop trying to get the results on your own, experiencing the frustration, and also the dissatisfaction of taking other trainers that are getting the results that you need to bring directly to us here Tip Top K9, so that we can solve your problem.

Whenever you come to see us here Tip Top K9, working to provide you with the Dog Training Classes Detroit that you need to that you get the results that you want. Where the business of solving problems getting results for dog owners. We have a 99.3% success rate with our dog training. This was a dog trainers out of the water. This because other dog trainers still utilize an older more old-fashioned method that is a get the same results. We utilize a better method that is newer, more modern, based on better science, and gets better, more consistent and reliable results. In addition that we also use a better approach in which we don’t use a one-size-fits-all dog training course for your dog. We make sure that we feel that we do dog’s needs are and speak to you about what the issues at hand are, and that we come up with a specific course of training for your dog to help make sure that we address your dog specific concerns and their needs.

So whenever you come to see us for Dog Training Classes Detroit, we make sure that we get results. Here Tip Top K9, we are a result of a company and you can see if you look at our website the kind of results that we get. You’ll see that our method works is the time, and is very successful. We are trained hundred and 34 different breeds successfully, and just about any range of age. We successfully train dogs from four months old up to 14 years old and as it turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Get touch with us today so that we can do on the path to success with your dog training and schedule your first lesson for just one dollar. You to put your doctor doggie boot camp, your dog will also come home of the money back guarantee on the results. Were so confident in the results we provide, that we give you the good dog guarantee which says that your dog’s behavior problems have been fixed at least 95% or you get your money back, guaranteed.

For service like that, make she give us call today at Tip Top K9 to set up your dog training classes at 1.833.484.7867 or you go directly to the website to reach out to us as well at