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If you have witnessed the kind of dog training that we provide and you have Dog Training Dallas here at Tip Top K9, then we encourage you if you know anybody else that needs dog training, or if you plan on moving, the make sure that you find the Tip Top K9 near’s you. This because here at Tip Top K9, we are the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the entire country, and we now have 12 locations in seven states total. So if you are not in Dallas, and you do not specifically need Dog Training Dallas, you can always go to our website anytime at is the all the locations that we have available in the contact information, and the physical addresses. As company that has just over a decade of experience, we had been weekly able to expand in Tulsa locations, and we’ve also been featured on Bloomberg, by business insider and forth.

We have had incredible success with our techniques and our customer service in getting results of dog training which is an overall naming so in addition to our Dog Training Dallas, we also have training available all over that include locations in Oklahoma where we originally began in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we’ve also expanded and Oklahoma City and in Owasso. You can also find us in Arizona in the area and surrounding Gilbert. For the people of Arkansas, you can find us in Fayetteville and in Fort Smith, and we have two locations in Idaho, Boise and meridian. Utah around West Jordan in a Michigan you can find us around Troy, and when it comes to being a way down south Texas, we are in the Southlake/Keller area and McKinney. These are all 12 of our locations that you can find us here Tip Top K9 and we have more that are on the way.

So whenever you want to make sure the year getting the best dog training, or if you know anybody else that needs incredible dog training. Any these areas, the make sure you utilize what we had offer here at Tip Top K9. We have better dog training than anybody else, and we are going to be a will to offer you a wide variety of options high quality customer service and that resulted in the incredible amount of five-star reviews that we receive from people who been extremely happy with our results and our service.

Also don’t forget that no matter where you the same consistent service, and same high quality training, and everybody have access to the same incredible incentives, or what some people like to call “no-brainers”. First of all whenever you give us a call, and it’s your first time in your a new customer, you can get your first training lesson for just one dollar, and if you decided that the doggie boot camp is can be the right course of action for your dog, your dog will come home of the good dog guarantee which says that 95% of your dog’s problems, or you get your money back.

You will be a will to find all this and every one of our locations, and so if this is what you need, the make sure you give us call anytime directly at 1-833-484-7867, or we encourage you to check out the website as well anytime we can find massive amounts of information about us as well and many resources anytime at

Dog Training Dallas | Tip Top K9 Faqs

If you’re looking for company that can provide you with high quality Dog Training Dallas, then you want to make sure that the kind of training is that we offer here at Tip Top K9 in addition high-quality boarding services as well. If your first-time customer, you can be delighted to know that you can get your first lesson here for just a dollar, and we encourage you to check out everything about us I going to our website as well anytime at the right off the bat that we are one of the highest and most reviewed dog training entire country with 1500+ five-star reviews and over a decade of experience. Also a company that’s been featured nationally by Bloomberg television, Forbes and business insider.

Some of the most common questions that we receive here at Tip Top K9 have to do is of course, price point is always the most back to any product or service, and whenever you come to Tip Top K9, is no different. For instance if you want Dog Training Dallas, flat rates matter where you are because it all depends. It depends on the dog needs type of training that we provide and so on. We have to assess your dog and that’s brother reason to give you your first lesson for just one dollar, so that we can meet in person and find out what your dog plan and approach to your dogs training however we do provide affordable rates and we are competitive with any of the other leading dog training companies out there. And we are dimension first lesson is just one dollars is risk-free to find out for yourself, and see what we can do.

The method that we use as we are able to get more consistent reliable results for the overall success rate of 99.3 overall. The lifetime of our company. We get such an incredible success rate because we do not rely on the standard positive and negative reinforcement model that you’ll find the most trainer still allow. We use fear and respect to make it behave, but instead we teach attention. We do conditioned response utilizing the leash to teacher dog. A healthier alternative for your dog, and provides much better results are more consistent reliable and long-lasting. So the old punishment and reward system is not very valid, are starting to figure out that this is.

Like the one dollar lesson, if you’re wondering if we have an you incentives, then you can fill really good about the fact that we also put a money back guarantee on our dog training. Whenever you get touch with us here Tip Top K9 and you decide to working to go the doggie boot camp route and provide your dog with our most comprehensive good dog guarantee which says fix 95% of your dog’s behavior problems or you get your money back.

If you any other questions comments or concerns about what we do here Dog Training Dallas schedule your first one dollar lesson and reach out to us anytime at 1-833-484-7867. Also don’t forget to check out the website whenever you want at your convenience to find many answers there as well anytime at