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here at Tip Top K9, the Dog Training Farmington Hills we want to let you know everything that we do. We are a dog training company and we are the best in the business and we have over 10 years of its periods. If you want to know what we do, we work with potty training, training, fixing any bad habits such as aggression, jumping, barking and much more. Weeks fix 95% of problems and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like the result, we are going to be able to give you your money back injust when you start we were wanting to be able sign you up for a lesson and have your first lesson be for one dollar. weHave a very honest and transparent pricing model that as long as you call us we could talk about it and just know that our prices vary depending on breed, age, and the needs that your dog is going to need. However in times where your dogs need to stay with a personal trainer, you don’t have to worry about the price, the price never changes throughout the entire visit whether or not we are going to keep them for two weeks or six weeks.

We pride ourselves on the highest rated in the business dog training. We want you to know that we have the service to be able to purvey and the sense of confidence and hands on knowledge that each and every dog trainer should have. We, the Dog Training Farmington Hills are very thought out and are great dictation when it comes to telling you what your dog needs. we are diligent and we will show you thatwe are always striving to be achievers and the highest way. We are crafters of personalized training and we achieve each and every goal we set ourselves out the deal. we have 1500five-star reviews on Google whenare constantly going.

If you going to our website you have the opportunity to open up your own franchise and we, the Dog Training Farmington Hills find that very exciting because we started as a small locally owned business and we have expanded to nine states so far. that means we are absolutely doing a great job. We are constantly always giving me is always going to be the standard when you come to our company. We want our clients to be lifetime clients.

We absolutely enjoy working with dogs, that is why we started to work with dogs and we know how to work with them and fix bad behaviors and do what is necessary to make dogs comfortable enough to be in your family and make sure that they are a loving growing family member for their entire life.

going over to our website and we can get you started today. We want you to know that whatever you do business with eyes, you are treated as family and we want you to know that we are very for you each and every single time. When you do business with us, we will give the best training possible for your dog. going over to our website and see what we mean. Our cite is You can also call us. Our number is 833-484-7867.

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here at Tip Top K9, the Dog Training Farmington Hills we are going to give you unbeatable service at the best rates that no other competitor in the area can match. we want you to know that we are constantly striving on doing better and then expanding even further each and every single day. We started as a locally owned small business and we have done so much within the time of our 10 years of experience being a company. We have expanded to nine states, we have been ranked number one in the entire country as the top dog training company and we have been featured in six different news and journalism sites. we have a large social media gathering and Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter and much more. We want you to be a part of something great as we continue to move forward.

the way we, the Dog Training Farmington Hills do things is that whenever you sign up with eyes, we are going to give you your first lesson forone dollar. Your dog is going to be paired with you, and we are going to see how the two of you interact with one another so we know what needs need to be met. We focus on things such as barking, excessive jumping, pulling, and much more. Whenever you do business with us we are going to treat you in the highest regard and give you the same level of business that has earned as so many honors. We believe that this is incredibly important in being able to give you a incredible service. You are absolutely going to love this. you know that whenever you start this you are not going toever want to go back to any other dog trainer ever again. When we have a client, we want them to be our lifetime client and we get the many benefits to stay along with us after they do their business with us.

we, the Dog Training Farmington Hills focus on many different things in regards to what we do. We focus on potty training, obedience training, we look for signs of excessive jumping and excessive lease pulling and barking, we know a lot about aggression habits and we know how towe also want your dog to be able to be confident and not be anxious and fearful because we know that that is something that can happen in certain breeds. We want them to be confident and know that they have a family that is there for them and that they should never attack or by or nip anybody in your family or your friends

go on over to our site and see what makes us great, we are truly going to be the company for you and we look forward to your business today. tiptopk9.comyou can go to our website and read more about how to contact us. our site is If you would like to call us then we can reach out to you with our phone number. Our phone number is 833-484-7867. your business matters to us and we will give you the absolute best quality.