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If you are looking for dog training in Bartlesville and you’re wondering yourself what exactly are the kind of classes that Tip Top K9 offers, that’s a great question. Here Tip Top K9, we provide a better variety of courses that can address a wide variety of needs and your typical dog training company because there’s really nothing that we can’t approach here at Tip Top K9. We have classes that fulfill every type of need in a can address just about every type of concern when it comes to your dog’s behavior. We offer full on classes, group classes, and fast-track courses to make sure that your dog gets the attention they need to address the specific behaviors that need to be fixed.

We are able to provide dog training in Bartlesville as part of the greater Tulsa area, because we are dedicated to customer service and that is the other side of the equation we’ve had it comes to the excess that Tip Top K9 has found in the last decade since we first started right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and expanded to other states. Not only do we provide you with a variety of classes to get real results with a more modern contemporary method than traditional dog trainers out there and most other places, but we also provide you with better customer service from start to finish.

The kind of classes that we offer whenever you bring your dog here for dog training in Bartlesville are things like puppy training, specific potty training courses, and we even have classes that it can address aggressive dog behavior. Aggressive dog behavior some of the specifically sure Tressa soon as possible because that can prove to be very dangerous to you and your family and your dog as well. So make sure that you get these types of behaviors fixed quickly for the sake of your pet and your own mental health. We also have group classes available that address a variety of behaviors as well. Don’t that we also offer our company and save doggie boot camp.

Doggie boot camp is our most comprehensive option that is going to address just about everything while your dog lives in with one of our trainers and a home for 2 to 4 weeks amongst other coaches. During this time the trainer can address everything from jumping to digging to running away and even nuisance barking. To learn how to set and stay on command and others simple commands and also it can help with easing anxiety, separation anxiety and fear.

Whenever your dog comes home they will be returned with the good dog guarantee which is our money back guarantee saying that we have guarantee to fix 95% of your dogs unwanted behaviors or you get your money back, and that is how confident we methods and our results. If you like to witness this for yourself the give us call now schedule your first lesson with us for just one dollar can do that by contacting us a number or you go directly to our website whenever you like at