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Dog training in Colleyville | Your cheerleader

This content was written for Tip Top k9 Dog Training

When it comes to dog training in Colleyville, and your Tip Top k9 Dog Training is going to be the leader, and all of your dog training needs. In fact they have been the best in the industry for many years now. That is because it just 10 years ago, they started their company, and wanted to provide better dog training services not only for Texas, but for many other states in the country. They want provided dog owners, and that the dogs themselves a better way to learn, and to grow, because they were seeing too many dog owners drop their animals off at the animal shelter because they were not happy with their behavior.

That is why Tip Top k9 Dog Training, started donating to animal shelters, or animal communities all around them, because every $10 you spend our company, we are going to donate one dollar. And every animal that you adopt, out of a shelter, or animal community that we donate to, we are going to give them a $20. We want to make sure they are taking great care of the animals, by feeding them high-quality food, that they are basing them regularly, and making sure that they are groomed properly. I don’t know about you, but we have seen it many dogs and animal shelters, who have not been groomed properly, they are sleeping in their own filth, and are not being fed.

Our love of dogs, is what first started Tip Top k9 Dog Training. And that is what led us to provide the best dog training in Colleyville services, for you and for your dog. Your dog is so much more than an animal, they are a part of your family, and will always be a member of the family. That is why you want to take the best care of them possible, and so if they haven’t outgrown the phase of digging holes in the yard, or barking without stopping, you may want to contact us by calling 1(833) 484-7867. Because our excellent dog trainers, are going to be able to help combat all those behaviors, and help your dog learned new better behaviors.

You are going to want to see it results, when you pay for dog training in Colleyville services, which is why we would like to offer you your first lesson, for basically nothing. We are only can a charge you one dollar, for this 60 minute session with our dog trainers. This provides our dog trainers the ability to access the abilities of your dog, and it is also gonna help you see immediate results, because our dog trainers are going to be able to make things happen. We are gonna become you and your dog’s cheerleader.

Sometimes all if you or your dog needs, is a cheerleader to do better. Because when your dog is as well, you don’t always want to positively of reinforcement, by using its favorite food, you also want to switch things up, by showing them love and affection, or by not reporting them at all. This way your dog it does not always expect a reward in turn for their good behavior. If you have any questions, you can contact us, at this number 1(833) 484-7867, or you can go online to our [email protected]

Dog training in Colleyville | Generating fear is not the way to go

This content was written for Tip Top k9 Dog Training

There are a lot of dog owners out there, who do not do dog training in Colleyville the right way. They negatively reinforce good behavior, by using shock collars, pinching them, or even spanking their dogs. While it does help them behave better, it is going to allow the dog to associate that if they are bad, they can expect to be hurt, and that when you are not happy with them, that is what they can expect. This is very cruel to your dog, because they are members of your family, and depending on the dog, if they are stubborn it could make them even more aggressive.

That is why, with Tip Top k9 Dog Training, we are going to only use the correct way to train them. That is using some positive reinforcement, and some and negative reinforcement. However when it comes to negative of reinforcement, we are not going to do anything that physically hurts the dog, because that is the wrong way to teach them. Instead, if you are considering using negative reinforcement, consider putting them in timeout. There is a obedience command, power dog trainers are going to teach them, they will find is gonna be very helpful.

This commands, is called the place commands, and it is basically the dog understanding, that if you say the command place, it needs to go to timeout. There that have to lay in its timeout spot for 5 to 10 minutes. If you dogs is not yet understand that this place commands, you can put your dog inside a crate. However, after a few sessions with our dog trainers, here at Tip Top k9 Dog Training, we are gonna use positive reinforcement, and the right type of negative reinforcement, to generate good behavior. Because when you use negative reinforcement, like pinching, spanking, or hitting your dog, it is only going to generate fear in them.

Then, your dog is not going to trust you, and we do not want that, because our dog, are part of our family. And so if you are looking for dog training in Colleyville services that are affordable, you can trust in Tip Top k9 Dog Training to provide them to you. We believe that everyone should have access, and the ability, to be able to eliminate at least 95% of their dogs that behaviors. It is with our unique methods, and specifically designed, tailored, and customized training programs, other than a help your dog become better. And if you’re dogs bad behaviors are not gone, by the time they’re done training with us, we are gonna give you a full refund.

And so, if you have any questions, for Tip Top k9 Dog Training, or how we can provide our dog training in Colleyville services for you, please call us at 1(833) 484-7867. You may also visit our [email protected], because there are many wonderful reviews, personal feedback, and success stories, the all of our dog owners that we have worked with, have shared with us. This can be very beneficial for you, to see how much value our services have.