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Dog training in Meridian Idaho | Doggy Lessons

This content was written for Tip Top K9

Have you been searching for hours and hours trying to find the perfect dog trainer that fits your needs for you and your precious little pal? Do you spend days trying to figure out how to make your dog listen and wonder how other dog owners make it look so simple? Finding the perfect dog training in Meridian Idaho can be tricky but, have no fear, the search is over thanks to Tip Top K9. For just one dollar for your first session of your choosing, Tip Top K9 can provide the answers and solutions you been searching for you the best dog training in Meridian Idaho.

For several years Tip Top K9 has provided excellent training and guaranteed success all for the fraction of the cost compared to other self proclaimed dog trainers in the area. With top-ranked trainers at Tip Top K9 dog training in Meridian Idaho provides many training services that can fit your needs for your dog or new puppy. Group sessions, one-on-one sessions, potty training, and puppy training are just a few of the top services provided by Tip Top K9. Each one-on-one session provided to fit your schedule and a customized plan that will show successful results from each session with your dog.

Dog training in Meridian Idaho has been made possible for many doubtful dog owners who never thought their disobedient furry pal would ever get through their behavioral issues. Tip Top K9 provides excellent sources of information and educational sessions so that you can better understand their dog based on the breed and their traits as well as their behavior. Many dog training sessions are generic with little proven success because of the lack of customization and education provided to the owners. However, with Tip Top K9 each customized plan has shown success time and time again allowing dog owners to feel better about the decision of choosing Tip Top K9.

You come home after a long day, and your new adopted furry friend has made a complete mess, with all of the houseplants dug up, and decided to use the rug as their own personal bathroom. Just before you’ve had enough, Tip Top K9 comes to the rescue! Potty training can seem stressful and test your patience as a new dog owner. But with our six-week sessions of training classes such as potty training and other puppy training needs soon turn these goals of having an obedient puppy into a reality and can make the process much easier on you. Providing group sessions and one-on-one classes Tip Top K9 can deal with even the most unruly and spunky pup. But if your little new furry friend is more timid, shy, and reluctant, our one-on-one training sessions can be made simplified and help your dog become more comfortable with their surroundings and learn new tricks and commands.

Apart from having top-ranked trainers, guaranteed results, and personalize training services, Tip Top K9 canine is also providing her first session for just one dollar. Call us today at 1.833.484.7867 to schedule your first session and to get a consultation to learn what session fits you and your pup best. Also, head over to our website at to learn more about our different training services and see testimonials from other dog owners just like you.