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If you have a new dog whether it is a puppy or an old dog and needs to learn some new tricks and you need some dog training in metro Detroit, then call Tip Top K9. You also may be wondering if a professional trainer is really needed in every situation. We would always encourage you to call a professional to teach your dog new behaviors or eliminate unwanted behaviors because a professional trainer is going to do it any more knowledgeable healthy way and get better results than most people could ever get on their own. At the first sign that you may need training for your dog then we encourage you to call us right away because of the sooner that a dog learns new skills or behaviors the better.

It doesn’t matter what kind of dog training in metro Detroit do you need, Tip Top K9 can help you take care of it. We provide services and classes for a wide range of behaviors and training. We have classes that range from puppy training to potty training too aggressive dog training and more. We can also provide group classes for people that feel like time efficiency and cost efficiency or more important brass group classes tend to be less effective. We have something for everybody and we even offer a comprehensive doggy boot camp for the dog that needs to learn it all.

In some cases when a dog has a lot to learn whether it is a young dog or does a particularly stubborn dog that needs a lot of Dog Training in Metro Detroit , then you can send them up for our doggie boot camp. This is our most comprehensive class that are going to teach them just about everything and we’ll help fix jumping, digging running away, nuisance barking learning how to sit-stay and come on command, help to ease anxiety and fear, and much more. this is achieved by leaving your dog to live with one of our qualified Trainers for 2 to 4 weeks and home while they work on everything and you’re provided with video documented training and progress throughout the process. You also receive personalized training as the dog’s owner to make sure that the behaviors remain consistent with the right behaviors from the owner as well.

And typically whenever you hire a professional trainer, you’re going to get better results. In the engine is generally worth it for the time and money invested to hire a company and Tip Top K9 has one of the highest and most reviewed our training companies in the entire country currently. We will provide you with a good dog guarantee that states we guarantee to fix 95% of your dog’s behavior problems are you get your money back. We also can offer you your first lesson for just $1 and which many times offer results after just an hour during that session.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you and your dog make sure you get in touch with us right away by calling us a or you could have our website at we can find all this information plus much more including some customer testimonials and resources.

Dog Training In Metro Detroit | Where Can I Find A Tip Top K9?

If you’re looking for a tip-top k9 for dog training in Metro Detroit than you are in luck. Tip Top K9 has a location in your area as one of our 12 locations in 7 States. our methods have been so successful over the last decade from our first location of Tulsa Oklahoma that we have been able to expand rapidly and we now serve as several locations with Detroit being one. Tip Top K9 is found success with its Training Method and we’ve been featured in Bloomberg television, Forbes Magazine, and Business Insider among others. If you have a dog that needs training whether it is when unwanted Behavior or your dog needs to learn something new or if your dog is a particularly stubborn case or aggressive, we have something for everybody.

Not only can you find dog training in metro Detroit, but you can also find Tip Top K9 locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Michigan, Ohio,, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. for specific information about locations within these states and visit our website at where you can find all the information and the contact information for each.

The services we provide and every location remain consistent across all of our Tip Top K9 locations. We can provide you with puppy training, potty training, aggressive dog training, and more. We also offer group classes for people that prefer time and cost efficiency over Effectiveness. Wall group classes are affected they tend to be less effective but at the same time, they are faster and more affordable. We also offer a comprehensive doggy boot camp which addresses is all behaviors.

Whenever your dog comes into a doggie boot camp for dog training in Metro Detroit, They will receive training that addresses everything including jumping, digging, running away, nuisance barking, learning how to sit-stay, and come on command, easy anxiety and fear and more. This is accomplished by leaving your dog with one of our certified trainers to live for two to four weeks while you were provided with video documented training during the process of their progress. You also receive personalized training as their owner from the dog homes to remain consistent with the training of the behaviors learned.

If you need a Tip Top K9 near you, there’s one in Detroit Michigan and in several other locations or just give us a call at or go to where you can find all the information you need about any of our locations and much much more including some great customer testimonials and resources including our very own podcast. Also, be sure you set up your first lesson for just $1 while you’re there I take advantage of our good dog guarantee as well.