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Are you interested in dog training in Ogden utah? Tip top K9 in Ogden Utah is the right place for you. Here at tip top, we are the best option for the busy pet owners. Tip top k9 is a customized family owned dog training with over 15 years of dog training experience. Tip top k9 offers classes as well as one on one options for your dog. You can customize your experience with your trainer-specific recommendations. At Tip Top K9 Odgen our trainers love to help you get the best control possible over your fur-babies. Your first lesson is only $1!

Want to know what to expect after dog training Tip Top K9 Dog training in utah? 95% of problems fixed within 2-4 weeks 100% satisfaction guarantee! Want results? Tip Top K9 is the dog training business for you! At Tip Top trainers are here to provide an unforgettable experience with your dogs. our trainer will give you advice and recommendations on what to do next whether it’s classes or one to one time to assist your desires, and needs as well as your dogs. Your dog will know all the commands like how to come 100% of the time. Be quiet, stop, barking, and or growling. “Place” training your dog to please, so we can control and teach them how to appropriately handle uncomfortable situations. “Off” we teach an off command to redirect your dog from giving the stink eye or making aggressive contact schedules.

What is the history of Tip Top K9 dog training in Ogden utah? Owner and founder Ryan grew up with a lot of dogs. He began training dogs in high school because he hated seeing dogs left in the backyard because the owners couldn’t control them. After working multiple dog training jobs, interning and watching hours and hours of Cesar Millan, He then worked with the trainer of trainers Tim to help him start tip top k9. He now owns and operates tip top K9 with his wife, rachel.

What you will experience during dog training in Ogden Utah at Tip Top K9 is a satisfaction guarantee. First you’ll do a one on one with one of our trainers. From there you can get recommendations and advice on what the next step of your dog training process should be. They will recommend whether or not your dog is ready and when, and where to start them. Each trainer is super attentive, and will work with you and your dog to satisfy all your needs and desires.

How affordable is dog training in Ogden Utah at Tip Top K9? Your first lesson is just $1! The classes offered our puppy class being a five week course every Saturday at 1 PM. The cost is $100 a second option being a beginner obedience five week course every Monday at 2 PM cost is $100 same time same day every week. First you have a consultation, second is a consultation with the dog to then get further instructions, advice, and resolutions.From there, they will recommend if your dog will benefit more from classes or one on one.

Dog training in Ogden Utah | Tip Top Dog

Why should you call a professional for dog training in Ogden utah? Oftentimes an owner can get overwhelmed or frustrated with their dog leading to resentment, ignoring because it’s easier or just straight giving the animal away because it doesn’t listen to you. With dog training you can ensure a happy life and home with your pet with the right respect tools in place from dog training. It is a wonderful thing to do for you and your dog.

When should you call Tip Top K9 dog training in Ogden utah?
If you’re experiencing issues with your dog, maybe they aren’t coming to you when called. Having trouble with obedience, any potty training issues or even just help for a daily walk. Tip top K9 can help whatever the issue may be. Your dog doesn’t have to be a puppy to be trained tip tip. K9 has helped dogs as old as 11 years. Age is not an issue when it comes to dog training any dog at any age could be trained unless they are a puppy and haven’t gained their confidence yet.

Dog training in Ogden Utah is best for a hard case of an unruly dog. They have personalized training for each owner and each dog. Video documented training provided 2 to 4 weeks living with a trainer with all your homework done professionally. Tip top k9 guaranteed results no matter how long it takes. Tip top k9 is family, owned, and cares which makes for a perfect dog training place for you and your pooch. Tip top k9 also gives back as their business grows. They have the ability to give to the Safari mission.

Dog training in Ogden Utah tip top k9 services are aggressive dog training, dog training, puppy training, potty training, and group class. All of which have a 100% satisfaction guarantee plus a lifetime support group. Your dog will know how to do all of the commands while living happily with you in your home. One on one training is always more recommended because classes only get a certain amount of alone time with your pooch. If your dog is shy and is easily distracted, one on one classes may be better for you and your trainer. Will get with you and see what’s best for you and your pooch. You’re going to find out that this can help them to sit.

Tip Tip K9 is the best, highest, and most reviewed dog board around! Visit our website at for all the information about us, testimonials, FAQs, give back, locations, and much more! Give our trainers a call today at 3857996885 to book your first lesson for only $1! We fix 95% of problems in the first 2-4 weeks guarantee! Our goal is a “take anywhere” dog. Are you ready to start communicating with your dog better? Ready to fix the mouthing, biting and barking? Visit Tip Top K9, America’s highest rated dog training in Ogden, Utah.