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Here at Tip Top K9, we offer the best Dog Training In Owasso. Our amazing company can offer you the best start training services in the state. You’ve never seen anything like what our company offers. We offer training services for a puppy, older dogs, and even aggressive dogs. You can expect nothing short of excellence from our amazing training company. Everything at Tip Top K9 is top-notch quality while still providing excellent service to you into your pet.

One thing you can expect from your dog training in Owasso, is a good dog guaranteed. We can promise that your dog will learn more our program than any other program in the state. Your dog’s behavior will be transformed from disobedient to the most well-behaved dog you’ve ever been. Something you can expect from our amazing company is top-of-the-line trainers. All of our trainers are highly professional and work well with dogs of all breeds and ages.

Another thing you can expect the best dog training in Owasso at Tip Top K9, is an unbeatable price. You will not be able to get the same quality of training at any other company for the same great price. Your dog’s first training session will only be one dollar. This is something that our company offers different from any other dog training company out there. Even after your almost free first session, are affordable prices are sure to still impress you.

Another thing you can expect from us here at Tip Top K9, is top-of-the-line dog training. We have been proven to fix over 95% of your dogs issues. We do have an over 99% success rate with each and every dog that comes there are multiple training programs. Without over 5000 families with all of their problems with their dog. We are able to better the relationship between the US the pet owner and your dog. Our main goal is to make sure that your dog is trained enough that you can take him wherever you want. We want you to be able to feel comfortable and carefree about taking your dog with you to the park, or even to a friend’s house.

Here at Tip Top K9, you can expect nothing less than excellence. It is our goal to have every customer leave our doors satisfied and tell others about the amazing service you received here at Tip Top K9. You are sure to love talking to our amazing customer service when you give us a call at 1-833-484-7867 if you want to read more about our highly rated dog training programs then you need to visit our website at We look forward to helping both you and your dog with any needs that you may have.

How Can We Help Dog Training In Owasso?

If you thought about getting dog training in Owasso, then you need to contact us right away at Tip Top K9. We are a top-rated dog training company in the state of Oklahoma with three different locations. We have trained dogs in obedience and general training skills for over a decade. Your dog receives quality training during each of our four programs. No matter what age or breed of dog that you have, we have a service available for you.

One of our most highly rated services is for aggressive dog training in Owasso. Many customers have trouble with their dogs being way too aggressive and violent when it comes to playing with other dogs or even people. It is sad to say that most people give away their dogs for the reason that they do not obey their owner. This is where our amazing services come in. We went to help strengthen the relationship between you and your dog so that you can live a happy life together. We want to provide your aggressively behaved dog with the best care and service you can imagine. We will show your dog how he should behave and act around other dogs and people. We’ll use professional training program steps to make sure that your dog behavior is ironed out immediately.

Another one of amazing is puppy dog training in Owasso. It is very important when you get a new puppy to consider getting him trained. You can definitely tell the difference between a professionally trained puppy and one who has just been taught a few things by his owner. Will provide a service that you cannot find anywhere else in the teacher dog he could ever learn through any other program. We would love to help your puppy become dogs that you can take anywhere you want without worry.

We also offer an amazing group dog training program through our services here at Tip Top K9. Through this service, your dog will learn to interacts with other dogs while also getting obedience training from our amazing professional dog trainers. Your dog will love this program and so will you. All of our programs are highly rated and reviewed on our website. You thought about getting professional dog training, this is a great place to start. We will teach basic commands and obedience training in a group setting. This class is very cost-effective and will be worth every penny.

No matter what can train you’re looking for here in Owasso, can find it at Tip Top K9. We are able to provide you with many different services depending on your dog’s age and experience. We look forward to hearing from you when you give us a call at 1-833-484-7867. We can answer any and all questions that you might have about putting your dog through one of our training programs. Please visit our website at for more information that you might need.