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If you’re searching for nothing but the best Dog Training in South Lake Texas, come talk to us here at Tip Top K9. Here Tip Top K9, we are not only one of the most reliable successful dog training companies in the United States, we also are the highest and most reviewed because we give people results. It comes down to being that simple, here at Tip Top K9, we get excellent results our dog training. We are a results-driven company, and we are so confident in the fact that we can train your dog get the results that you want that we put a money-back guarantee on our dog training. Well over 1500 five-star Google reviews and counting, and more plans to expand the future, we are to do so because we get results, and we have the numbers to prove it. Our success right here at Tip Top K9 is 99.3%.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any Dog Training in South Lake Texas that has a canvas success rate. In fact can be hard-pressed to find many other dog trainers anywhere that have success with their training. For company here that has been in existence for well over a decade, with 12 locations and has trained thousands of dogs and help thousands of families, 9.3% is an incredible number. We owe every bit of that success to the fact that not only do we give great customer service that we get results our dog training because we use a more unique method than the majority of other dog trainers out there.

What makes us different here more successful than other Dog Training in South Lake Texas is the fact that we use a more unique method that does not rely on positive and negative reinforcement like the majority of dog trainers in the country. Here we utilize a less popular approach because it is newer but it is proven to provide better results, more effective and long-lasting results, and is also psychologically healthier for your dog. Is because we simply teach by using attention. We make sure that we teach your to dog to pay attention. We attention because that does not use fear or respect to train but people the dog needs a conditioned response. We use the leash and collar training to make sure that they pay attention, and that is how we get better results.

Also we take a better approach by offering you the value here at Tip Top K9. Instead of charging you high rates, and cutting you know breaks and only getting the results a portion of the time you’re Tip Top K9, we give you results 99.3% of the time, and we can give you your first lesson with us for just one dollar and also whatever your dog goes through a full training course for this, they come home of the good dog guarantee which is our money back guarantee on our dog training this says we have fix 95% of your dog’s problems we get your money back, guaranteed.

If you like to experience the Tip Top K9 the don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime and schedule your first lesson for just one dollar by giving us call anytime at your goggles, and if you’d like to find out even more about us before you commit, the know hesitate to go to our website and check out all the massive amounts of information that we have available there at

Dog Training In South Lake Texas | The Best Dog Training Recommendation

Do you have any friends or loved ones that are looking for Dog Training in South Lake Texas? If you happen to know anybody, go ahead and have them give us call anytime by calling us directly at Tip Top K9 because we are located right here in the Colleyville area, and we can help your dog guarantee. We are so confident in the results that we provide that we put a money back guarantee on our dog training results in the form of the good dog guarantee. So if you know anybody that is having difficulty finding a good dog trainer was having issues with their dog, then send them straight us, and we can get them their first lesson for just a dollar. Is almost an impossible deal the turndowns if you know anybody that has a dog that needs dog training currently.

When it comes to anybody that you know looking for Dog Training in South Lake Texas, and we can have a solution. Here Tip Top K9, we provide a wide variety of classes to choose from whenever it comes to finding the right course of action for your dog. Here Tip Top K9 we actually use a more unique method that relies on teaching using attention. Nothing negative and positive reinforcement you find elsewhere, we don’t use printers and reports, but we use a collar and leash method to make sure that we teach the dog using a condition we teach the dog to pay attention, and not only is it more effective reliable and consistent but also is better for your dog psychologically because we are punishing and rewarding constantly.

So for people that really need dog training in South Lake Texas then we’ve got you covered. Send them to us because you can let me know that we have different types of training that are specified in tailored to your dog these as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. We have classes for puppy training, potty training even aggressive dog training, and we also have a wide variety of group classes available that your friends may find more cost-efficient time efficient even though they tend, the cost of some effectiveness. We even have a full on comprehensive doggie boot camp that you can send your dog to.

And if they’re still not sold, then tell them about our doggie boot camp and help your dog can come home with the good dog guarantee from Tip Top K9. Our good dog guarantee states that whenever your dog comes home with our good dog guarantee that will guarantee to fix 95% of your dog’s problems or they get their money back, guaranteed.

So if they’re still not sold the fact that we use a better method get results, put a money back guarantee on it, and can give them first lesson for just one dollar, that have them go to our website at where we have tons of other great information about who we are what we can do, whenever they are ready, they can always give us call directly at 1-833-484-7867.