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If you have a dog that is becoming too aggressive, but you do not want to get rid of them we can help you. Here at Tip Top K9, Dog Training In Tulsa we have helped trained many aggressive dogs, all the way from German Sheppards, Pit Bulls, Great Danes etc. it does not matter what kind of dog you have, all that matters to us is that we help your dog not be so aggressive, seeking go back to letting your dog the way you did before. So if you want dog training so we have the perfect company for you.

Here at tip top K9, the Dog Training In Tulsa one of our main specialties is training dogs and dogs that are hard to control. All of our trainers love dogs and want to help you get your best friend back. Which is why we offer training and lessons for aggressive dogs. There’s different types aggressive behaviors, such as learning, behavior protective behavior. These we can help you, so come to spring training. That means your dog will respond in a way that they know will work in getting what they want. Such as snapping and barking because they don’t want to get off of a surface. This may not seem severe right now over the years it will become a problem, and eventually start actually thank you for real.

Just like things are passed on genetically through, and it is the same way for dogs. Genetically aggression in the years come from their parents, and it’s in their DNA no matter what you do. This can also go both ways, your dog can email me my aggressive towards humans or dogs, depending on how the previous generations were bright. We will do our best to help your dog in a tremendous way, but the aggression truly can never really be resolved since it is genetic. But we will make sure that they learn how to control their aggression. So consider Tip Top K9 for great Dog Training in Tulsa.

The third main form of aggression in dogs is protective behavior. This is the need guard and protect any of their surroundings, such as house, yard, person or anything else that they deem is theirs. This however is not always a bad thing, but what we have to when people are approaching, or if they are just naturally aggressive around people. But we will do everything we can to make sure that your dog has control, some of go off barking and jumping and biting people.

So if you are looking for a great dog trainer, and what get your aggressive dog under control, bring them to TipTop K9. Contact somebody from our team today and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our programs. You can also go to and read about anything else that we offer and read about our training methods. You will also be able to see customer reviews and see how effective our method are.