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Your search is over I found the absolute top Dog Training in Tulsa Oklahoma right here at Tip Top K9. They offer an amazing promotion. You can have your very first dog training lesson for only one dollar. This is a wonderful way to test out Tip Top K9 before you sign up. We are able to accomplish amazing things in as little as only a few dog training classes. If you’re interested in getting signed up for potty training, dog training or puppy training you have come to the right place here at Tip Top K9. There many things that we can we can be effectively including and come 100% of the time. How nice would be to have your dog to obey you immediately. If they see a squirrel take off running and you yell stop, they turned back around come towards you that is truly a amazing blessing. I guarantee we can do that quickly and efficiently here at Tip Top K9.

Tip Top K9 is known for their premier Dog Training in Tulsa Oklahoma and are all over in many local locations throughout the United States of America. In fact we are franchising our company and if you are interested in getting more for information on how to be a franchisee please do not hesitate to visit website today at or give us a call at 1 (833) 484-7867. Jumping is a huge problem that many of our dogs experience here at Tip Top K9. We understand how difficult the fixed jumping on your lone some. That is why I reach out today to Tip Top K9 in our professional trainers can fix this very quickly and efficiently.

Tip top K9 Dog Training in Tulsa is your go to dog training facility. We are constantly striving to give you one of the highest quality experiences that you and your dog have ever had together. I know many people have tried many dog training place in the past. They’ll get frustrated and out leaving the dog training facility because of lack results. Here at Tip Top K9 we have realize that train humans is just Portis training the dog. That is why we are constantly striving to give both you and your dog the highest quality training experience so both you can communicate effectively together. Having a dog is a wonderful responsibility, we’re here to make that responsibility little more enjoyable whatever they listen to you.

If you like to get started working with our top dog trainers here at Tip Top K9. Please give us a call today at 1 (833) 484-7867. You may even visit us online at If you are interested in getting signed up with us, I would first do a little research. Go on to Google and read some reviews left by highly satisfied clients.

You’ll see that we are extremely passionate and dedicated about delivering some of the best quality training around. This is why we are constantly staying up-to-date in researching the latest and greatest techniques around. If you’d like to reserve your spot today please give us a call at 1.833.484.7867 or visit us online at