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dog training in Tulsa | Best Training

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

We need to do for yourself if you have been having issues with little Fido behaving and getting along with your friends and family is you need to just get them with the best dog training in Tulsa. You don’t want to settle when it comes to somebody working with your pet because you know that you consider that animal to be a part of your family. You don’t want some random person that doesn’t truly care handling your fur child’s needs. This is why you need to go ahead and check out Tip Top K9 today and see why they are the best! This is an even something that can be compared because they outshine the others by great lengths.

It is always a relief to know whenever they have a strong 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. With them they guarantee that they will fix 95% of the problems you face with little Fido or your money back. They also offer the first lesson for only one dollars you immediately find out what kind of value you will gain before you ever pay the full price. That is why I went with them when I was looking for dog training in Tulsa. They also have over 10 years of experience so they really are no-brainer when you’re looking to get your dog trained.

You’ll find that they can handle just about any service you are going to require for your dog. They make it super convenient by offering pickup and drop-off options for your doggie too. The other is whether the best dog training in Tulsa is because of even the special service they offer which is: doggie Boot Camp. In this program your dog will live with a trainer for 2 to 4 weeks where they will be able to watch them closely and give that one-on-one guidance your dog needs, they will also do video documented training so that you can also learn how they were able to correct your animal in the way that worked best. This program is typically best for those more severe cases.

You will see that they have a 5.0 Star rating with over 500 Google reviews to the state. This is for good reason! Brian, the founder, grew up with several different dogs and started his training young where he would walk the neighbor dog so that they weren’t stuck on a leash. He’s always had such a big heart and has cared for dogs his whole life. He understands there’s just the language barrier between human and canine that sometimes just needs a little help so the dog can live it’s best life. His wife, who he met at Rhema Church was actually scared of big dog until after she met Ryan and he trained her to be one of his most esteemed trainers he has today. That alone speaks in volumes on the work that they can do.

You can find today by visiting their website and go into the services at: or you can talk to another person by dialing: 1.833.484.7867!

dog training in Tulsa | Best Training

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

Does it seem like you cannot have anybody come over to your house because your dog jumps right on their chest embarks on their face every time? Have you tried all kinds of methods that you’ve heard from other friends and family but nothing can seem to work and you’ve noticed that people are getting more more comfortable about coming over? This is something that no one likes to face but is a common issue and also the reason for why a lot of people end up rehoming their dogs. We need to do is get the best dog training in Tulsa which would easily be Tip Top K9 training.

You will find out instantly that they are the best for many reasons but immediately see that they have a five star rating with over 500 reviews on Google. That is so hard to achieve but they did it with ease because they provide a service that people want to brag about after they use it. That alone speaks in volumes and if it isn’t enough then you can actually check out video testimonials on their website to get more feedback from people just like you. They are also a nationwide and ever-expanding company that is currently in seven states. One of which being yours! Your lucky stars and go ahead and get booked for your first lesson with them which will actually be one dollar!

They truly are the no-brainer when you’re looking to get dog training in Tulsa but if you need more reasons let me give you some. They are going to offer just about any type of service you could possibly need for little Fido so you are sure to get value for what you pay and help that you need. They offer pickup and drop-off options so be sure to take advantage of that. There also cast on the website so you can get extra learning for yourself. They can teach little Fido all kinds of tips and tricks such as loose leash walking, in-home private lessons, how to fix excessive leaking, those pesky fence fights, fun things like how to play dead or roll over and even spin/spin the other way.

Another reason why you want them when you’re looking for dog training in Tulsa is simply the fact that is founded by a dynamic duo that truly loves and cares for your animals and you. That is a rarity in any business but you will find that they have a wealth of love and Tip Top K9. Ryan’s always cared for dogs and has been looking to train and help them since he was a young boy. He used to walk/train his neighbors dogs so that they wouldn’t have to be kept on a leash. His wife, Rachel, was once terrified of dogs due to having been attacked when she was younger but being trained herself, is now one of Ryan’s top performers and she just loves any dog she encounters now.

Book with them today by visiting: or you can dial: 1.833.484.7867!