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Taking your dog for a long walk used to be a great time to spend with your dog, but know your dog is becoming more and more unruly. Your dog is running after squirrels and curious about everything they smell in the grass. When you tell your dog to stop or to sit, your dog doesn’t listen. Now you’re searching for answers. You’ve come to the right place. We have the solutions that you are searching for. Take advantage of our wonderful offer of your first session for one dollar. That’s right, you can get a great trainer to teach your dog how to behave on a leash and experience smarter and wiser dog. Give us a call today for the best dog training Owasso. You can call us at (833).484.7867 or visit

Does your dog have a parking problem? When you are at home, your dog barks a lot. You can be talking on the phone to family or friends but your dog is barking in the background. You try to put your dog to stop barking, but your dogs doesn’t listen to you. You’ve become frustrated and now you are searching for answers. The good news is that you have come to the right place. We believe that your dog can change. Take this stuff today and give us a call take advantage of our first session for one dollar. We can begin to teach your dog how to control their barking. It’ll be the best dollar you have spent. To find dog training Owasso, give us a call today.

Perhaps your dog has a potty training problem. There is nothing more rewarding than having your dog use the restroom and the place that you desire. But your dog is doing its business inside your home. You are becoming increasingly more upset at this because you do not know what to do. You have already tried all the solutions that you know how, but nothing is working. The good news is that we can help fix this problem. We have years of experience in helping dogs overcome the party training problem. Let us give you hope and a situation. And let us give you great peace. To find dog training Owasso, give us a call today.

Our co-owner Rachel loves helping rescue and stray dogs. When she was a young girl she adopted two dogs that were rescue dogs. And she has been passionate about dog sent. One way that we give back to animals in need is by giving back to animal shelters in Oklahoma. These unwanted dogs used to wonder on the streets or be in places where they did not get the proper care. Now they are in a shelter where they can receive good care and good treatment. Although this is temporary, we do hope that they will get a new place to stay and be with love a new home. All things are possible and we believe that this could change for them. So when you do business with us, you’re making a difference in lives of animals.

We love animals, we have a big heart for them. We are passionate about helping them overcome the problems that they are facing. Give us a call today and experience great joy and great peace in knowing that your animal is in the best hands. We are great trainers. Give us a call today at (833).484.7867 or visit