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dog training South Lake | A New Dog

This content was written for | South Lake dog trainings

At Tip Top K9, we can help transform your dog into a new dog within two to four weeks. We know: it is such quick time for a dog to turnaround but we are skilled and professional dog trainers! And we absolutely love dogs! We have years of experience of training dogs, with many type of personalities and many behavior problems, to become good, loving, sweet dogs. Give us a call today at (833) 484.7867. There is nothing more enjoyable than having a dog that actually listens to your commands. To find dog training South Lake, give us a call today. Place your dog in the best hands when it comes to caring dog trainers, when you give us a call at (833) 484.7867.

Maybe your dog has a jumping problem. Many dogs jump because it is a habit that they developed when they were young puppies. They jump on their mothers and they jumped their dads. Jumping is a way for them to express playfulness or to express their excitement. Now your dog is an adult and your dog loves to jump on your family and friends. Except for this could be a problem and a bad habit. Let us help you take the jumping problem and your dog how to control their energy in a more mature way. You may think that there are no answers to this problem, but we have solutions. To find dog training South Lake, give us a call today.

Does your dog have a barking problem? At first your dog park just a little bit. Now your dog is very vocal when you are on the phone and when you take your dog for walks. Your dog barks at other dogs and your dog barks as strangers. The problem that your dog can overcome and one that we want to see your dog learn a new behavior, so they can be a joy to anyone there around. So there is hope for this problem and we have the solution. You come to the right place and you contacted the right people by visiting our website. So take the next step and give us a call today and schedule a one dollar first session with one of our dog trainers. We promise, that you will be glad that you did.

We love giving back to our community. One way that we give back to communities by helping animals in need. There are many animals that are eating love and support their living in shelters. These rescue dogs are lacking the proper care and a proper treatment because volunteers at animal shelters can only do so much. By supporting the shelters financially, we are helping to give them a chance to provide these animals with the best love in the best care so these animals can be placed in a loving home. There are hundreds of dogs living in shelters. And when you do business with us, you are making a difference in life animals.

We love dogs. We have a big heart for dogs. We are passionate about being dogs overcome the many challenges that there are facing. For dog training is that love animals and dog trainers are very patient, give us a call today. Give us a call at (833) 484.7867 or visit

dog training South Lake | A Wonderful Dog

This content was written for | South Lake dog trainings

At Tip Top K9, we believe that your dog can become a wonderful dog despite the many problems that you currently see that your dog has. Perhaps you are very frustratd with your dog and looking for answers today. Well, we are the right people to help your dog overcome the challenges they are facing. One problem that your dog may have is a jumping problem. We can help your dog overcome that problem too! With the challenge you are facing, we have solutions. We have years of experience of training dogs. We have been featured on several media outlets. We are five star Google review company with 500+ reviews. We go over and above and helping customers experience greater joy greater peace with their dog. You can have a wonderful dog. To find dog training South Lake, give us a call today at (833) 484.7867.

Life has been so busy for you. And you just haven’t had time to potty train your dog. You have tried here and there but you haven’t found the time to consistently potty train your dog. You’ve seen short-term success, but you’ve walked back into your house and noticed a surprise on the floor. And the surprise didn’t smell good. Let us help you eliminate the bad odors in your home and help you to enjoy greater peace and joy by taking advantage of our our one dollar first session. Allow your dog to train with the best trainers for just one dollar. For dog training South Lake, give us a call today.

We are so passionate about helping dogs. And we also passionate about helping dogs in need. There are so many dogs that are in need of help and our need of people that love and care for them. When we help a dog living in a shelter, we are pricing with the best care in the best treatment so they can be placed in a wonderful and loving new home. There are so many stray dogs and there are so many rescue dogs that need help. Our co-owner Rachel adopted a stray dog and a rescue dog when she was a young girl. And she has a heart for helping animals and eat. To find dog training South Lake, give us a call today.

Perhaps your dog has a begging problem. Your dog loves to beg for food. Your dog loves to beg for food from family and friends. It is a problem that started as a young puppy and now your dog is an adult and the problem continues to grow more and more. You want to see this changing you want to bring peace and order back to your home. More importantly, you want your dog to kick the begging problem. We can help your dog overcome this. To find dog training South Lake, give us a call today.

Let us help you save time and energy by training your dog. Many dog owners do not have the time or the patience to train their dogs because they have so many other things to do. We can take this responsibility off your hands and train your dog and then she commands you use to continually keep your dog well behaved. Give us a call today (833) 484.7867 or visit