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Dog training Southlake offers the highest quality dog training out there to homeowners. Our services range from basic behavior correction to potty training all the way to easing anxiety and aggression. Our trainers have personally worked with over 2500 dogs from various breeds so we know that no matter what dog you have we will be able to handle it. We offer high quality and excellent service as we treat every dog brought to us as if it was our own. Dogs will not only have a fun time training with us but also you’ll enjoy your time with your dog trained and well behaved dog at home.

Dog training Southlake trainers specialize in addressing key issues individually with the dogs and also helping to train owners so they can continue training their pet while at home. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a 100% guarantee satisfaction for customers as we are able to solve 95% of all cases brought to us. As you can see this is quite impressive as most of our dogs trained by us graduate with excellence and are well behaved and exceed expectations from the owners. For any further questions or inquiries please contact us at 833-484-7867 as we are more than happy to address any any questions or concerns you may have regarding your services for your.

Dog training Southlake also offers a very affordable consultation lesson priced at one dollar so that customers as well as their pets can feel out and determine if we are a good fit for them. Our trainers look forward to meeting your pet and working with them one on one in putting together custom training regiment specifically tailored for your dog your desired outcome. For more advanced cases or dogs that need additional training, our doggy boot camp is also available which generates results anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. This turnaround time allows for the fastest and quickest modification behavior so that your dog can quickly be returned to youand well-trained within reasonable expectations .

Got puppies? We understand that sometimes newborn dogs or puppies present problems such as potty training which can be an annoyance although cute in the beginning can quickly turn into a hassle nightmare for pet owners. Our trainers have years of experience in training puppies in order to properly potty and not create a mess in their owner’s house. For more information or to read reviews please check out our website at to see for yourself how our training has helped countless other owners like yourself.

To read all other testimonials and reviews check out our website at or call us at 833-484-7867 for any other questions or concerns or to see if we may be able to address problems or issue that you see in your pet. We are more than happy to work with any dog breed regardless age or size, our training program works with any dog out there. we look forward to meeting you and your pet very soon hoping you’ll choose dog company to help train your dog best suit your home environment.

Dog Training Southlake | Highest Quality Dog Training.

Dog training Southlake offers the highest quality dog training available through Tip Top K9. Our trainers have many years of experience working with all breeds and sizes so rest assured that your furry pet is in good hands working with our team. We work with the dogs individually one-on-one and create custom programs/regiments suited to achieve the desired behavioral outcome. Issues from aggression, anxiety, leash pulling, and so much. To see the full list of services we provide please check out our website at to see if we may be able to address problems that you have seen in your pet.

Dog training Southlake address multiple issues one of which may be aggression training and ease of anxiety. Our trainers have worked over with 2500 dog breeds of various sizes and shapes and have the experience necessary to guide and aid your dog to more well behaved well mannered state. The level of quality training given is top-notch and can’t be match anywhere which is why we pride ourselves in knowing that we are Americans top and best K9 training facility in this country. Not only do we train dogs the best way possible we also provide training to homeowners they can continue training at home and to properly and effectively communicate to their pets.

Dog training Southlake also has opportunities for franchising if you may think that this is a venture that you would like to pursue due to your love for dogs. for more information on this topic please check out a website dog website see how you too can franchise one of our stores in your local area and provide excellent high-quality drug training services to residents in your hometown. if you have a love for trainingimpatience working with animals as well as a good way to communicate that you are more than qualified to be a franchise C with one of our stores something that interests you we urge you to please apply .

We here at Tip Top K9 understand that sometimes puppies can add an extra layer of difficulty not otherwise seen in older dogs. Some of these may be behavioral issues, obedience issues, potty training, teething which can be queued in the beginning stages but oftentimes end up being knowing later throughout the relationship with your puppy. Our trainers have experience working with young puppies in order to get them to behave in the correct desired manner as well as printing them on how to correctly use the potty and not inside the owner’s house. Well potty trained dog can be beneficial to many homes as it provides a clean environment and household from after you return from work or any other outdoor activities. You can also have the confidence to know that you can your puppy is safe to be left home alone by itself and not expect to walk into a mess when you get back .

So what are you waiting for X? Contact us now at 833-484-7867 or visit our website at and see if we’re a good match for your dog so that training can begin and you can get the desired results you want and deserve. are highly qualified trainers look forward to meeting you and your furry buddy as we go about this journey together creating a happy dog.