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Dog training Southlake | Oops I did it again

This content was written for Tip Top k9 Dog Training

If you are trying to train your dog properly on your own, I just find that you keep running into issue and problem after problem, you may want to enlist the help of professionals. That is why you need to contact Tip Top k9 Dog Training, because they can provide you with some excellent dog training Southlake services. Because when you feel like you have nowhere else to go, we want to make sure that you can trust and rely on us. That is because we work hard to provide you with services and products that actually need and can use.

That is why if you’re looking for dog training Southlake services, you want to make sure that you are not repeating the same training mistakes over and over again with your dog. And so if you continue to square your dog with a squirt bottle every time you do something wrong, that is not the proper use of negative reinforcement. A proper use of negative reinforcement, it may be a teaching your dog replace command. For instance, if your dog do something wrong, instead of squirting it with Mr. Badal, you can either ticket in its crate for a 5-10 minute time out. Or by using the place command the dog will go directly to its timeout corner.

Because you don’t want to be repeating the same mistakes over and over again, because then you are going to be learning nothing from your failures. And so if you get in touch with Tip Top k9 Dog Training, I promise you that our dog trainers are going to be excellent in providing your dog with unique styles and the techniques to train your dog. Because every dog is different, and that is why you need a uniquely and specifically tailored training plans. Not every dog is going to excel in the doggie boot camp, and not every dog is going to benefit from the same type of training.

You have to really look at the individual needs of the dog, and then make a dog training Southlake schedule that is perfect for them. That is why we encourage you to sign up for your a 60 minute training session that is only going to cost you one dollar. This also acts as the perfect time for our dog trainers to assess the abilities of your dog. Because when we assess the abilities of your dog, we are able to see what they are truly capable of, as well as where there current learning abilities are at.

If your dog is a very stubborn dog, like most dogs are, I can promise you that we are going to be very patient, with training your dog. Sometimes it takes a slower, more patient approach to helping your dog and that’s okay. Not yet a questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1(833) 484-7867, because we don’t want you to be making the same mistakes over and over again. I promise you that along every step of the way, we are going to be right by your side.

Dog training Southlake | Garden gnomes

This content was in for Tip Top k9 Dog Training

If you keep seeing your garden gnomes disappear, and you’ve asked the neighbors if they’ve seen anything, you haven’t noticed any hoodlum thing out around your property, and to keep buying and replacing those garden gnomes with new ones and then they disappear the next night, you may be completely wrapped up in trying to solve this mystery. You have no idea who is stealing your garden gnomes, but whoever it is, they should stop. Because you love garden gnomes, and you are tired of having to purchase new ones every day, only to have them stolen again that night. And so finally you install a security system that provides video surveillance for your home. And after going over the video footage one day, you notice that it is your dog stealing your garden gnomes and so now if you want to find someone who can provide dog training Southlake services for you.

You are tired of your dog stealing your garden gnomes, and so one day, you will wait outside your home, to try and capture dog in the act. You let your dog out to use the bathroom, and then you follow them around the house. You see your dog pick up your garden gnome in his mouth, and carry it around to the back corner of the house. As the dog is in the back corner of the house, it goes behind your humongous Cherrywood trees. And once you’re back there, you see a whole stack of garden gnomes.

I mean, there are probably about 11 or 12 different garden gnomes. Some of these garden gnomes aren’t even yours, into thinking that your dog must of stolen from your neighbors. You capture dog in the act, and you say bad puppy, go to your timeout. Your dog recognizes this was commands, and heads to its crate inside your home to sit for five minutes and then come out. Now you are presented with the task of returning all of these garden gnomes to their proper home. However now you need to find dog training Southlake services, because you know that the next night your dog is gonna do the same thing all over again.

And so that is when you find out about Tip Top k9 Dog Training. Tip Top k9 Dog Training is able to help dogs to accept, who don’t listen to voice commands, or to continue to do the same and bad behavior over and over again. With the help of our wonderful dog trainers, we are gonna be able to fix that bad behavior, and replace it with good behavior. Our dog trainers are exceptionally smart, and experienced in this industry. That is one thing the homes to type name stand out from everyone else in the industry. Because we have been continuously voted number one dog service provider.

If you have any questions at all, please fill free to call us. Our number is 1(833) 484-7867, and whether your dog is stealing garden gnomes, or your dog is having accidents all of your carpet, our dog trainers are gonna be able to help teacher dog better behavior. It is due are specifically tailored, unique training plans and doggie boot camp that will help your dogs get rid of these bad behaviors. With the help of dog training Southlake services, your dog could have a complete 180 change.