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Our goal at Dog Training Troy MI is to take your dog anywhere. Are you struggling with how to properly train your dog? Have you watch 50 you to doctoring videos? Are you finding yourself yelling at your dog? Is what worked on your last dog not working on this dog? We’re here to help. We fixed 95% of problems in 2 to 4 weeks guaranteed, 100% satisfaction. In just 2 to 4 weeks, the trainer can teach you how to communicate better with your dog, fix jumping on guest, stop leash pulling for good, stop nuisance barking, and so much more. Reach out to us today to schedule your one dollar first lesson.

Why is it worth it to invest in Dog Training Troy MI? Your investment is twofold. Time and money. Both of these will depend on our assessment of your dog’s age, breed, and issues as well as your knees, your time, your ability to do the homework needed, and your budget. We don’t give exact quotes over the phone and we see that as bad business practice by lazy dog trainers. A doctor doesn’t prescribe medication without first diagnosing a patient, and neither do we prescribe training regimes without first working with your dog. If you are a budget chopper, then we are not going to be the best fit for you. That being said, we have an extremely high success rate and give money back guarantee on our work.

Our goal and desire at Dog Training Troy MI is that our clients can take their trained dogs with them anywhere and everywhere they go. We want our clients to be able to trust their dogs because of its training and know that their dog will mind that no matter what the destruction is. We take our dogs to the lake, to the park, to friends, and family members houses, and we want to be able to help you do the same. Obedience, off leash obedience, and manners is our main focus.

All of our dog trainers are dog lovers first and foremost. We trained dogs because we love them. We are not militia Nazis, but in our doctoring classes, we provide structure and boundaries and show you how to teach your dogs to listen. Our goal is to get dogs to not listen each and every time they are told to do something. Through our unique method of dog training, we will strive to teach your dog to listen every single time to speak. We want 100% obedience. Now this isn’t going to make your dog a robot, but to teach and that they had to respect you and what you say.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us by you are giving us a call at 1-833-484-7867, or by checking out our website You can also find all of our training services, testimonials, and so much more online. We look forward to working with you and your furry family member so you can live the life you want.

Dog Training Troy MI

We believe at Dog Training Troy MI that the best age to start training depends on your dog. Sometimes I find starting obedience class training at 3 to 4 months old and they need to. Some dogs would be better waiting until 5 to 6 months old or even a little bit older. Our trainers prefer dogs that are between four and six months old before we start doing formal training. Why is it such a big difference? Dogs are like people as and they all have different DNA, they all have different life experiences, all have been in different social environments, and they were all raised a little different. We are here to find what is the right fit for you and your furry companion.

If you are not sure if your puppy is free to start training or not, feel free to call us at Dog Training Troy MI. We will set up a consultation where we will meet you in your puppy and let you know what we think. Plus, your first lesson is only one dollar. We work on three main things of the puppy from eight weeks old to four months old. These are environmental soundness, socializing with dogs and people, and potty training. We want our dogs to develop confidence from knowing that the world is a good and fun place. A confident dog is an easy dog to train.

Dog Training Troy MI once the dog to be able to go into an environment and be comfortable and confident. At first, puppies may be scared of new things such as loud noises, new environments, car rides, slick floors, different surfaces, and everything else. One of the first things we like to focus on is taking new puppies everywhere with us! This get some use to a ton of new environments. Your goal should be to be able to enjoy your dog and be able to take him or her everywhere dogs are allowed.

Take your dog everywhere! Have them walk all over different surfaces and stuff, have them smell different smells and hear different noises so they become confident and all types of different environments. Don’t be forceful with your dog to accept environments that make them uncomfortable, but just keep solely taking them back again and again and desensitize your dog until the discomfort goes away. Start by packing up your pup and taking him or her to a new spot every day or two. Take them to a park, the lake, around the block, other people’s houses, and finally pet stores.

A word of caution, we would recommend the dog has their second or third round of shots before taking them into pet store just because of how many people take their dogs their and your puppy is little immune system is still gaining strength. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us any time by calling us at 1-833-484-7867 or by checking us out on our online website We look forward to working with you and your furry little family member.