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If you have a new puppy, and went to hadn’t been in training but don’t know who to call or where to find great dog training Tulsa there is no need to worry. Here at tiptop canine we specialize in dog training, puppy training as most potty training for your God. We are one of America’s highest rated and reviewed dog training companies around , so you can trust us that we will make sure that your dog leaves in the best condition possible. Our trainers normally take dogs between four and six months before we start doing formal training.

If you have a puppy that needs to be trained, and bring them on make sure that they could through one of our training programs. While they are in our training program we like to focus on three things that they can take away that will make them a great for years to come. The first thing we like to focus on his environmental soundness. This just means they are dog will be comfortable in any environment, and comfortable with change. We do this, because we want your dog to be able to go anywhere and everywhere with you later down the road. Which is all we had to get them comfortable to new places, some of the very first things that we like to focus on is taking dog everywhere with us. This is something that is practical and continue on after they leave our care. You can do this by taking store, park, around the neighborhood, the people’s house etc. This just allows them to come to my new environment so that they become an easy-going relaxed dog. So if you need dog training Tulsa we have you covered.

The next thing I would like to focus on why especially puppies, socialization. A lot of people do this because they like to take their dog out to the dog park with lots of other dogs of all ages and sizes, as well as other people’s house. If you have a puppy that is only around six months or younger, I can make them actually become more scared of God’s other dogs around the same age. To be sure that your dog has great experiences, and becomes comfortable around other dogs. Which is why you should bring your puppy to Tip Top K9 when you want great Dog Training Tulsa.

The other main things I would like to focus on his potty training as well. This is something that is all about patient and routine. One of the main things they can keep doing is taking them out very often. Puppies tend to have a small bladder and usually go to the bathroom around every 20 to 30 minutes. So just get them used to going outside, you can do this by taking them after they eat, hafted play times, after naps, after drinking water etc. we just want to make sure that they are you still constantly going outside, they can get potty trained quicker.

So you are somebody that has been wanting to bring your puppy into a dog training class for a while and have been considering tiptop canine can call one of our team members today. We’ll be more than happy to talk with you and answer any questions that you might have about any of our training programs. You can also go to and read more about what we do and how we train our dogs. 883-484-7867