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I had the absolute best Dog Training Tulsa Oklahoma have available right here at Tip Top K9. For over 10 years they been going above and beyond to make sure that your receiving some of the highest quality dog training you deserve. Life can be beautiful whatever you have a dog this. Whenever your dog is unruly and not well trained, it to make life quite a headache. We’re here to give you and your dog a wonderful life. We train the humans just as much is extremely dog here at Tip Top K9. This is because many times we find that humans have issues communicate effectively with their best friend. Once you and your dog are on the same level you will be loving and enjoying the time together with your dog. And if you want about one-on-one dog training you deserve, reach out to Tip Top K9 today.

In my opinion there’s only one Dog Training Tulsa company that I trust. Their name is Tip Top K9 and for over 10 years they have been providing some of the most hands-on dog training that you have ever witnessed. They offer three unique services including: potty training, dog training and puppy training. So regardless of what it is you are looking for in your dog training desires, I guarantee tiptop K9 will be able to exceed your expectations. Potty training is one of the most basic skills that most dogs need to have. We have helped potty trained dogs who are only a few months old to dogs that are in their late ages. Although we always recommend getting your dog started potty training as early as possible, we understand that sometimes dog that are adopted never received that training early on. Our trainers are well-versed in been able to communicate with dogs and you will see it immediately.

The top Dog Training Tulsa and right here at Tip Top K9. I encourage you to visit their website in order to see their full list of services that they offer to the wonderful community here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In fact they are growing tremendously and franchise options are available. So if you’re interested in getting a franchise option with a fast and steadily growing company, do not hesitate to give them a call today at (970) 446-8771 or reach out to them via website at

There are several things that Tip Top K9 guarantee they’ll be able to help you and your dog accomplish in only a few us. Bill dog 100% time. They also help fixed jumping. Jumping can be extremely detrimental, especially to those who are younger or older. You would hate for your neighbors to get knocked down by your big dog whenever they come over to see you.

If you would like to ease anxiety and fear in your dog please do not hesitate to reach out to the very best dog training facility here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tip Top K9 is constantly going above and beyond and you should rest easy knowing that your dog training is in the best hands possible. Sign up today for one dollar for your very first lesson. Visit our website for more information at or feel free to give us a call at 1 (833) 484-7867.