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Dog Training West Jordan Utah |Need to Improve Your Dog’s Behavior?

Do you need to improve your dog’s behavior? Dog training West Jordan Utah is online at We have wonderful trainers that will love your dog like their own. With 10 years experience in dog training, we look forward to hearing from you and working with your dog. Visit our website to hear our podcasts or call today at (833) 484-7867.

Let us broaden your dog’s horizon by helping your dog gain improved behavior on and off the leash. Our trainers are all full time professionals meaning you get a professional to work with your dog regularly. We all love taking our fur-babies for a walk, or even on vacation. Imagine how much fun those outings would be if your fur baby was better behaved on and off the leash! We can help you achieve this goal at Tip Top K9. Call today at (833) 484-7867 for all your Dog Training West Jordan Utah needs.

Have you ever taken your dog for a walk in the woods, turned them loose on the trail, only to have them run off into the brush so you have to chase them? Have you ever had your dog choke themselves on a walk? These are not the best experiences or the memories we are trying to create with our canine companions. We at Tip Top K9 can help you with these issues. Need your dog to learn how to follow, to come on command, or to not pull on the leash during that evening walk? We have a program for that. Check us out online to see what more we offer! www.

Our goals are to train a dog to be able to go anywhere, on or off the leash, and to listen under any distractions. Because more freedom is more fun with your canine. If you enjoy your outing with your dog then your dog will enjoy it too. Dogs are after all man’s best friend. With this in mind we want to train you how to effectively communicate with your dog. Communication is a two-way street between you and your dog. Our goal is to help you and your dog perfect communication between the two of you. A win for you is a win for your dog when it comes to your relationship, so find us at Dog Training West Jordan Utah online at

At Tip Top K9, we enjoy being able to fix 95% of problems. We offer this as a guarantee or your money back. As one of America’s most reviewed dog training companies, we enjoy hearing from our clients. Visit our website to see what other clients have to say about us. One client says she felt happy that her dog had, through training, become more social and far more happier with his new home. Let us see what we can do to help your dog with our training programs. Visit us online at or call us at (833) 484-7867.

Dog Training West Jordan Utah |Does Your Dog Need Better Manners?

Does your dog need better manners? We are currently one of America’s highest and most reviewed dog training companies. We use positive reinforcement verses negative reinforcement. All types of training can work. Humans have been training dogs for a long time to do different things. However, like people, dogs have their own personality and moods. Some methods work better for one than the other. We are committed to working with your dog to get results. We are Tip Top K9. You can find all your Dog Training West Jordan Utah needs with us! We are online at or you can give us a call at (833) 484-7867.

Dogs are like children. They have short attention spans and need to be taught what is expected of them. We teach attention with positive and negative reinforecement. As with children,there are certain mannerisms you want your dog to do and not do on command. It is considered bad manners in a dog to jump on people and sometimes furniture. We want to teach your dog not to jump among other things. Our trainers train dogs full-time. A full time trainer means an experienced trainer instead of a hobbyist is working with you and your companion. Behavioral issues you may want to address in your dog are digging, licking, anxiety and jumping on the furniture. Crate training is also a positive thing to teach your dog for the benefit of you and your dog. Find us online Dog Training West Jordan Utah at

Experience the wonder of a happier and healthier dog through dog training. Training can include crate training. People seem to view crate training as cruel and unusual punishment. It is actually the opposite. Crate training actually gives your dog the opportunity to have his own space. Just as every child enjoys having their own room, your dog enjoys his own space too. Crating your dog gives him a safe place to go when he needs time alone. We all need alone time now and then. Our goal at Tip Top K9 is to train humans to communicate effectively with their dog. Schedule your first lesson for only a dollar, today! Your puppy must be older than 4 months for this offer.

Check out all the wonderful things your dog could learn today by joining our program. We teach sitting and waiting at the door, automatic sitting when we stop walking, heeling off leash, rollover, shake, play dead, spin, and bark on command. We enjoy having fun with dogs and their humans. Fun for your dog is pleasing you. For you means no leash pulling,no jumping, obedience and never having to chase your unless you’re in your own backyard. Clear, effective communication between you and your dog is an amazing adventure! So let us help you achieve that goal. Find us with Dog Training West Jordan Utah online at

We have ten years experience dog training and we would love to boost your canine communication. check out our training options from puppy training to doggie bootcamp. I know we have a program for you. Visit our website at