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Dog Training West Jordan Utah | Is Leash Pulling a Problem?

Is leash pulling a problem for your canine? Let us here at Tip Top K9 help you with your dog training West Jordan Utah. We have over ten years experience in dog training and offer a Good Dog Guaratee. We do not want to just train your dog. We want to make your dog a happy, active, and healthy part of your family. Dog who are well trained and well socialized are strong and confident, and therefore, offer better companionship. We love your dog like family want to watch you and your companion succeed in becoming better with each other. Visit our website online at or give us a call at (833) 484-7867. We look forward to hearing from you.

One problem most dogs experience is leash-pulling. Here at Tip Top K9, we can help you solve this issue. A common occurrence happens when your dog pulls hard on the leash choking himself/herself. Most common cause is the dog walks faster than you do. Leash-pulling is a stressful experience for most dog owners. Like most parents, we don’t like to see our canine companions in a state of discomfort. We can help train your dog not to do this. We have 10 years dog training experience and will gladly help you achieve happier walks.

Leash pulling can be solved by dog training. West Jordan Utah is one location we serve. Visit our website at to hear more about what our clients are saying about us. Carrie is excited that her dog is more social and enjoying being a dog. Alyssa loves the success that Ryan has had with her furry friend. We offer helpful videos, dog training, potty training, puppy training and even doggie bootcamp. Training is important for both you and your dog. Find your needs for dog training West Jordan Utah Training is basically improved communication between you and your dog. It helps your dog understand what you want it to do. This is less frustrating for you and your dog. Good communication is less frustrating for everyone.

We here at Tip Top K9 we offer private lessons as well as group lessons. Usually the first is one on one. This gives you and your dog a chance to experience what is expected. After a successful one on one class for you and your canine, a group is recommended to train your dog with distractions. Your dog’s biggest distraction during training is usually other dogs. Training in a group allows your dog to overcome this obstacle. One on one lessons are for training the dog and its human, whereas group classes are more for training the dog. Let us put our 10 plus years of teaching experience to work for you and your canine companion. Find your needs for Dog Training West Jordan Utah at can fix 95% of your puppy training problems. We would be happy to schedule your first dollar lesson today. Please call us today (833) 484-7867 or visist us online at We would love to start training your canine companion today.

Dog Training West Jordan Utah |Is Your Dog Showing Aggressive Behavior?

Is your dog showing aggressive behavior? Is your puppy showing ANY signs of aggression? Please call us at (833) 484-7867 today. Aggressive behavior is usually learned behavior, genetically linked behavior or protective behavior. We here at Tip Top K9 have worked with many aggressive dogs. we worked with dog breed german sheperds, great danes, rottweilers, and even golden doodles to correct aggressive behavior. Let us put our ten plus years of training experience to work for you and your canine. Visit our website at to find all your dog training West Jordan Utah needs.

Find your dog training West Jordan Utah needs with us at Tip Top K9. Here are some of the things we can help you with regarding aggressive behavior. One example of aggressive behavior was with a mastiff. He would be very good with family and children but would corner strangers and guests refusing to let them leave. This dog would also charge any other dog or person if they came close to the children while playing outside. Another example of aggression in a different dog is referred to as resource guarding. He would hunker over a ball, toy, or bone and try to bite anyone who came close. These are real examples of dogs that we have had trained. In genetic aggression, we can help them learn control. Learned behavior is easier to train out of a dog. Let us see what we can do for you and your canine companion.

There are a few areas of agression that we help train out of your canine, such as: fear aggression, territorial or possessive aggression, people aggression, and dog aggression. We have wonderful trainers who will love your dog the same as you do. We understand that your pet is part of your family and want you to have the best relationship possible. We bring over 10 years of dog training experience to you and many locations across the United States. We have worked with over 2500 dogs in nine years and have videos on YouTube of over $300 which we have worked with. We want every dog owner to be able to take their trained dog anywhere where off leash with no problems.

Find your Dog training West Jordan Utah needs with us at Tip Top K9. We can fix the most common behavioral problems in 95% of dogs in 2 to 4 week. The most common problems are leash-pulling, constant jumping, running away, not listening, and nuisance barking. Client love our trainersand we’re sure you will too. Give us a chance to serve you and your canine.

If you are wondering if your dog would be part of this 95%, call us today to get started with your first lesson for a dollar. Our specialty is very hard to handle dogs such as severe anxiety or severe aggression. While extreme cases are not normally quick fixes, there is hope. Call us today at (833) 484-7867 or visit us online at