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Do you have dogs in Owasso that need to be trained? Look no further! Tip Top K9 is the best dog training facility in the city. You may be wondering why we are the best. We are the best because we can train your dog to be the most obedient dog around. You do not have to train your dog all on your own. We can train your puppy or dog to obey simple commands or hard commands. You will be able to see the difference in your dog!

You may be wondering what other services that Tip Top K9 provides. Can teach your dog to do just about anything. Have you ever told your dog to come to you and they did not listen? They went everywhere but to where you want them to go. Well, Tip Top K9 can train your dog to come 100% of the time. Dog in Owasso will be the best dogs in the state. Has your dog ever jumped on you or others when you didn’t want them to? Well Tip Top K9 can train your dog to stop those bad behaviors.

Has your dog ever dragged you around by the leash, and you we aren’t able to regain control? Well you will be able to stop bad behavior in you’re we will take your dog to walk calmly with you. We guarantee the results. We have a program called doggie boot camp, no matter how long it takes we will train your dog. All of your homework will be done professionally. You will know exactly what you need to do whenever you take your dog. for two to four weeks your dog will live with your trainer. You may be thinking that you will miss your dog. But do not worry, your dog training will be video documented the entire time. You’ll be able to keep up with your dog training every step of the way! Dogs in Owasso have never had such a good program

the training that you received with the Tip Top K9 will be personalized for you, the owner! We will teach you techniques for your own dog. You may think that your dog is too wild and crazy for dog training. But our program works best with hard cases and unruly dogs. You may think that your dog is too big or too small for this type of training. But we can work with all types of dogs, breeds, and ages. Our company is different from other companies because we can guarantee complete satisfaction with our program

You can call to set an appointment at 1-833-484-7867 or you can visit dogs in Owasso will be the best trained dogs in the state. And whenever you called to an appointment, we will make your payment only one dollar for that first session. You can also pick up and drop off your dog if need be. Have you ever heard of that option before? We are available to help you in any way we can. You can trust us with your beloved pet. And you will see the results! Tip Top K9 has the best dogs in Owasso.