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find dog trainers Tulsa | Wag Hello!

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

Whenever you are having troubles with your dogs that can’t seem to find people that can work with not just one but three; find dog trainers Tulsa has it that will actually work with you and your animals. Find the ones who can actually handle multiple animals at once. You will instantly realize that Tip Top K9 is going to have that service for you. They even offer group classes for animals that don’t even come from the same home so you can see immediately that they have the type of skill and training required to help you are house of rascals. You will realize instantly after the first lesson that they are going to be well worth the money spent and you will instantly see results.

Their first lesson is only one dollar and they do this so that you can find the value in what they offer without even have the paperwork for the first time. That is absolutely exceptional and we want to go for them when you need to find dog trainers Tulsa has. They are going to be able to fix 95% of your problems guaranteed or you actually get your money back. They’ve even ranked a 5.0 Star rating with over 500 reviews on Google to this date. And if you scroll through their website you will find that they have a ton of video testimonials as well. So many people were so for their experience that they wanted to share it with you.

If you want a little bit more about the founder, Ryan, then you’ll be happy to know that he is actually had experience with dogs since he was a child. As he grew up he had several different types of dogs of his own. And as he would walk through his neighborhood and see his neighbors dogs on leashes, his heart cried so he would offer dog training to his neighbors. This helps him get experience from the get-go. Then as he had a problem dog of his own in college, curley, he got a lot of experience with that one. This had inspired him to watch 4 to 5 hours of the dog whisperer while his friends were out having fun. He basically studied it because he wanted to figure out the art of training dogs.

When you’re needing to find dog trainers Tulsa has been you want to make sure you’re only going with the elite. These people have over 10 years of experience and are also nationwide and ever-expanding. Currently in seven states but will soon be everywhere because they are spreading like wildfire. They also offer their first lesson for only one dollar see you were sure to save money every work with them. You find out the value you get before you ever actually pay anything really. That alone speaks volumes and is where I will take my dog.

Be sure to ask them about their pickup and drop-off options and also check out their podcasts online by visiting: or you can call them by dialing: 1.833.484.7867!

find dog trainers Tulsa | Let Them Help You

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

If you really need to find dog trainers Tulsa has and want to make sure you weren’t settling for people are just going to steal your money and do nothing for your little dog? What you need to do is go with Tip Top K9. They are definitely going to be able to train your dog and help them get to where they need to be. You get them in a way where you can have guests over and not have to worry about them barking in their face or jumping on them knocking the backward. This does not have to be something you worry about any longer and you can go ahead and breathe easy. Let them help you.

You will find there is much to gain whenever you work with this team because they have got a plethora of knowledge and a ton of experience. They’ve got over 10 years in fact. They also nationwide and ever-expanding company that is currently in seven states. One of those being yours. They also do the first lesson for one dollar so be sure to take advantage of that wonderful opportunity and find out what value you can gain from this before you ever actually pay anything. This is why you want to go with Tip Top K9 when you’re looking to find dog trainers Tulsa has that always go above and beyond. They also have a guarantee of 95% of your problems fixed or your money back.

Another thing to keep in mind with them when you’re looking to find dog trainers Tulsa is that the founders have such good hearts and truly have the best intentions with this business. The founder Ryan actually grew up with several different dogs and would even train his neighbor dog so they wouldn’t have to be kept on a leash. In college he had his hands full with the little rowdy schnauzer/terrier mix too. Then he met his lovely wife Rachel at Rhema church. She was actually terrified of big dogs due to having been attacked when she was younger but now after working with Ryan and her experience she has had, she can work with those big doggos with these.

They have a ton of services for you so if we were to break them into categories then you would find that they have potty training, dog training, puppy training, aggressive dog training, and even group classes. They pickup and drop-off options available to so be sure to take advantage of that. Some of their services are: how to sit on command, loose leash walking so that they aren’t running about whenever you try to take them anywhere, help with phobias, fixing excessive licking, the treacherous fence fighting, little tricks like how to roll over, shake, spin, etc…

Please go ahead and get your dog started today so that you and little Fido will be happy! They look to correct these behavioral issues so that less people have to worry about rehoming. You can find them by visiting: or you can call them by dialing: 1.833.484.7867!