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Tip Top K9 is the best dog training facilities and Oklahoma. if you are trying to find the best dog trainer in Owasso, we are the ones for you.
We can train your dog to be the most obedient dog around! We can teach your dog simple commands, And complex commands. Have you ever seen a dog that obeyed their owner every single time? Well that can be you and your dog! has your dog ever pulled you around the block by their leash? We will have your dog walking slowly with you and never pulling on their leash ever again. How will we be able to do that? We have the best dog trainers in Owasso.

has your dog ever used the potty where they were not supposed to? we can and we will teach your dog how to be potty trained. we have Had major success with this in the past, and we look forward to training your dog. No matter how long it takes, we guarantee success with your pup. You’re pup will be living with a trainer for 2 to 4 weeks. we will video document all the training that will be done. You will be able to watch the progress from start to finish. What other the dog training facilities offer that? We personalized training for the owners. You will be able to have individualized commands just for you. we have testimonials from that month on

We have had the most untrained dogs come into our facility and walked out the most well-behaved dog. If you have been wanting to find the best dog trainers in Owasso, you have come to the right place. If you have a dog that came from the pound and off the streets, we had major success with the dogs. If you got your dog from a breeder and they came to you with so much energy, we can train your dog to be more calm. Your dog barked out all times of the night? We can train your dog to not do that anymore. Your days of restless nights will be over!

Some people think it’s hard to find the best dog trainers in Owasso. But your search is over! For we are the best dog trainers in the city. We have the best trainers in the state. Any dog can find success with tip top K9. After dog ever jumped on the couch when they were supposed to? that won’t be a problem after we train your dog. your dog will sit on command, and come on command. Your dog will know the areas that it can go.

Go to and book your first appointment! You can also call 1-833-484-7867 to book an appointment. The first session will only cost you one dollar. What other dog training facility has that great of a deal? Many people try to find the best dog trainers in Owasso, and but we guarantee that we are the best. Your dog will be so obedient, everyone will ask you where you got your dog trained at, and you will be able to say that you got your dog to the dog trainer in owasso tip top K9. And we don’t just say that we are the best, we can prove it!