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Are you looking for a place to train your dogs in Owasso? At Tip Top K9 you can find the best dog trainers in owasso- we have a good dog guarantee. We offer the best services around to help train your dog and create a better envuornment for your furry friend and your family in general. Tip top K9 guantees that 95% of your dog’s issues will be resolved after training or you get your money back. If you fins yourself trying to train your dog and fix their aggressiveness, their constant barking, or their pulling on the leash, look no further. Our trainers at Tip Top K9 can help!

is it time to get a professional trainer? The anser is yes. In only two to four weeks, our incedible dog trainers can help you in many dog training areas. Trainers here at Tip Top K9 can help you better communicate with your dogs, fix issues like jumping on your guests or biting, and so much more. Find the best dog trainers in Owasso here at Tip Top K9 and invest tyour time and money on such a crucial part pf your family- your furry baby! Our goal is to make sure that you and your dog can go anywhere and your dog will be the best trained canine around!

Here at Tip Top K9 we offer training on agressiveness. Aggressiveness comes from learned behavior, genetics, or protective behavior. When it comes to aggression, we are able to fix some issues but some can only be controlled. Problems can usually be solved in about a week or two, by aggressive behavior or four years might not be able to be fixed in just weeks. Find the best dog trainers in owasso to help you sort out and figure out how you can make a dog less aggressive. Our trainers are going to be able to work with your dog to fix any behavioral issues you are struggling with. We have been able to fix some of the hardest cases to save dogs. So if your dog is out of control please call us before having it put down, there is still hope and we can offer it to you!

Group classes are also available at Tip top K9. Are you wondering if there are classes where your dog can socialize and learn? Obedience classes have always been an integral part of dog training. Classes will be anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks long. We offer puppy class obedience for beginner intermediate and advanced dogs, dog tricks agility obedience, and more. Group classes are great if you are just getting into dog training and went to see if one-on-one what help your dog even more.

Tip top K9 is where you can find the best dog trainers in Owasso! We are one of America’s highest and most reviewed dock training companies and have locations throughout the US. We offer many services to help your dog enjoy a better life. We have a satisfaction guarantee and will offer 100% money back if you’re not satisfied with our services. At tiptop K9 call 1-833-484-7867 or visit to schedule your first lesson for just one dollar.