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Are you looking for a dog trainer in Owasso? Are you wondering if dog training is worth your time? Look no further because Tip Top K9 has the services for you! Tip Top K9 provodes training for dogs of all ages. These great trainers can help tackle issues like agression, obedience, potty training, and more. Tip Top K9 guarantees that 95% of your dogs training problems will be fixed or you will get your money back. Bonus, your first lesson with these amazing trainers is just one dollar. Tip Top k9 is one of the highest and most reviews Dog training companies and guaranted to help train your furry friends. Find the dog trainers in Owasso tha youre looking for!

Dog training is what Tip Top k9 does best! Have you struggled to take your dog in public? Have you tried to teach yourself to train your dog? You might find yourself trying to train your dogs the same way but nothing is working- your dog is still pilling, biting, jumping, and frusstrating you and your family. Tip Top K9 wants you to take your dog anywhere. In just 2-4 weeks, a Tip Top Trainer can teach you how to better communicate with your dog, help fix issues like jumping on new guests at the house, stop the pulling on the leash at the park, stop out of cntrol barking at the mailman, and more.

Tip Top K9 also offers traing services fo ryour new furry baby, Puppy training is available. At tip top k9 you can find the dog trainers in owasso that your family needs. Most people do puppy training wrong. Our trainers will let you know at the first lesson what is best for you and your puppy training needs. Some puppies might be ready for training earlier than otehrs, and the main things we work on with new pyuppy training are: enviornmental soundness, socialization with other puppies and dogs, and humans, and potty training.

Potty training for all ages of dogs is available at Tip Top K9. obience commands are used to help train dogs and set patterns on where dogs need to potty. Let us bust those potty training myths! Some of those myths are that sonaking a dog when they potty on the carpet will teach them not to. Bells by doors dont help, nor potty pads, or age of your dog. We can help you potty train your dog the correct way!

Tip Top K9 is the absolute best dog training you can find on Owasso! We have over 9 years of exoerience and hire only the best dog trainers around, Over 2,500 dogs in the Tulsa area have worked with us and we strive to help people better enjoy their dogs. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and can fix 95% of your dogs problems in just 2 to 4 weeks. Find the dog trainers in owasso to help you and your family with your dog training needs. Give us a call at 1.833.484.7867 or visit us online at and schedule your first lesson for just one dollar!