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We understand at Gilbert AZ Dog Trainers that dog training is not a one-size-fits-all program. For an adult dog with no real issues, it is very common for us to have a dog coming off leash in the front yard in under an hour. Most people think it is impossible to have a dog coming off the leash the first lesson but we do it all the time. Oh, and while we’re doing that, we also fixed the jumping on people problem. Still believe that?? That is exactly why we do the first lesson for only one dollar! So we can show you real results, real fast.

So what’s the catch when you partner with Gilbert AZ Dog Trainers? Well not every dog can do with that fast. And this is not a cheap $100, 6 week group class. Our programs are customized based on your dog. That means some dogs may take three lessons to come off the leash in the front yard. Some may just need one lesson. Some dogs (because of breed, age, background, abuse, stubbornness, etc.) May need a boot camp or our boarding school for dogs. This is where we take your dog for a few weeks and we work with the dogs for 2 to 3 hours a day to get it to come off leash and do other obedience commands. This is our doggie boot camp where your dog goes to dartboard in school and lives with one of our trainers.

You will see any prices or packages on our, Gilbert AZ Dog Trainers, website. Why you ask? Because each and every dog and each dog owner is different. We customize based on what your dog and you actually need or want. Not just do a one-size-fits-all approach. We want to meet your dog and work with him or her and then go over some ideas, not just dump them into a group class regardless of your needs or problems. For more information on group classes and why we think they are not for everyone, go to our group class page on our website.

We take dog training seriously. Our goal in desire is that our clients can take their trained dog with them anywhere and everywhere they go! We want our clients to be able to trust their dogs because of the training, and know that there dog will mind them no matter what the destruction is. Through our unique method of training, we strive to teach your dog to listen every single time you speak. We want 100% obedience. Not make your dog a robot, but teach and that they have to respect you and do what you say. Our goal is to have your dog listen each and every time they are told to do something. We are not some militia Nazis, but in our dog training classes, we do provide structure and boundaries and show you how to teach your dog to listen.

We train dogs because we love them! All of our dog trainers are dog lovers first and foremost. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please for free to reach out to us at any time by either giving us a call at 1-833-484-7867, or by checking us out on our online website

Gilbert AZ Dog Trainers

Let’s just say at Gilbert AZ Dog Trainers, we know that all types of dog training can work. Dogs are smart at summation point people have been training dogs for a long, long time to do different things. But just like everything else in the world, there are good and bad methods, fast and slow methods, efficient and not efficient methods. Most dog trainers in Oklahoma are teaching some sort of either positive or negative reinforcement. Let’s go over some problems with pure positive or pure negative reinforcement and then finally go over our tiptop method of training and why we get better results than other obedient trainers.

What we, Gilbert AZ Dog Trainers, believe the problems with only positive reinforcement are. If your dog is paid for good behavior and stops being paid, to the good behavior normally stops as well. If a higher reward than your treat comes by, your dog will always go for whatever the highest reward for its brain. Some dogs are not too motivated. Some owners don’t like paying the dog, but want the dog to listen because “I said so”. While treat training can work good in the words, it seldom works outdoors and heavy distractions. If the dogs aren’t interested in treats her food, then what happens is treat trainers role recommend fasting the dog for a day or two. So basically if the dog won’t train well with food, you have to make it really hungry and starve so it will work for food. That is not very positive!

Now go over some of the negative reinforcement problems that we see when you partner with Gilbert AZ Dog Trainers. This can ruin your dog got two. If a trainer is really harsh correcting the dog that it can really dampen the dogs attitude and make them not like training or knowledge the trainer. It also depends on people’s personalities. Some styles can work for people that have no problem being harsh with the dog, but don’t work for controlled dog handlers or for children. Using negatives can make aggressive dogs more aggressive. It is also very hard to transfer from a product or pension call or two off leash obedience training. Obviously, train dogs with negative reinforcement can work and a lot of people do it, but these are the disadvantages.

How do we train dogs? We teach attention. Attention is not using fear or respect to train with, but teaching a dog using a condition response. We teach dogs to pay attention with our unique tiptop method of dog training that uses the leash in the training collar and verbal commands to generate a condition response to every time you speak. In our method, we do not reward dogs for listening and we do not punish them for not listening. Instead we teach them exactly what is expected of them and teach them that they are required to do it each and every time we give the command.

Your first lesson with us is only one dollar at summation point so call us today at 1-833-484-7867 and let us show you what made us the top bring dog trainers. You can also find all of our information and more on our online website We look forward to working with you and your furry companion.