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Here at tiptop canine in Lewisville TX Dog Training, we provide only the best service for your dog. Well, we provide the best service for all of our dogs. And if we’re getting that specific we provide the best service for all dogs in the United States! We have the most reviewed dog training facility in all of the United States. A partner with over 1500 reviews, loads of testimonies, and a 99% satisfaction guarantee and you have a dog training facility that is by far better than all of its competitors. So if you’ve been considering taking your dog and getting at the training that it deserves tiptop canine is the one and only dog training place for you!

If you’re trying to find a tiptop canine in Lewisville TX Dog Training looks no further! Tiptop canine has multiple locations scattered throughout the United States. We used to have just a few locations. But now I’m to the wide demand we were forced to make an open new location! Which is a good thing. Without this in mind, there is a 1 to 4-week wait. For all of our new dogs. We do this because we have so many people that want to utilize our dog training services. And we simply don’t have enough people to take care of every dog all the time right away. That’s why we have to stagger our dogs to ensure the best training possible every time!

If you want the best training in Lewisville TX Dog Training there is no better place than Tiptop canine. Has been thinking about there being a small wait period. However, we all set this by making our first scheduled appointment one dollar! That one-dollar first appointment is for all of our new clientele! We do this so everybody gets a fair chance to try out tiptop canine. We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with it which is why we offer it to every person that walks through our door!

When you’re ready to walk through our door feel free to Google locations near you. We would be more than happy to give you a one-dollar consultation and tell you what we believe your dog needs. Once we said that we will then talk about a budget and a timeline. Once we set the budget and the timeline the rest is easy. It’s just us training your dog which is what we do best!

When you’re ready to see why Tip top canine is easily the best dog trainer in the United States field you are free just go to your first appointment. You can do so by giving us a call at 833-484-7867 or by visiting us on our website at Thousands of other families have seen what tiptop canines can do for them. Isn’t it time for you to see what tiptop Caidyn can do for you? Thousands of other families have seen what tiptop canines can do for them. Isn’t it time for you to see what tiptop Caidyn can do for you?

Lewisville TX Dog Training | We Care About Your Dogs

Tiptop canine in Lewisville TX Dog Training Is everybody’s number one choice for all of their dog training needs! And there are a lot of reasons for that. What is your reason for that one-dollar first appointment? Or maybe it’s because we have a 99% satisfaction guarantee. Or maybe your reason for choosing tiptop canine it’s because we had the highest-rated dog training program in all of the United States. Whatever your reason we implore you to try Tip top canine so you can find many and more reasons to give us a try!

Tiptop canine is continuing to be the best Lewisville TX Dog Training Facility. Here at tiptop canine, we strive to be the very best for all of your dog training needs. We understand that each dog has different problems. That’s why we have a different approach for every dog that walks through our door. That way we can assure that your dog gets a personalized training program that best suits their needs! So if you’re ready for a place that cares about you and your dog tiptop canine is a place for you!

Tiptop canine in Lewisville TX Dog Training is continuing to find new ways to be the best dog training service, provider. That’s why we offer a multitude of different classes. A couple of the classes that we offer are group classes, in-home classes, individualized classes, etc. No matter what problems your dogs have your Tiptop canine will be able to take care of them. That’s why we have our quality trained trainers that care about your dog! Our trainers are dedicated to fixing your dog’s problems. That’s because they all used to have dogs that also had problems. So they know exactly what it’s like and just how frustrating it can be.

No matter how frustrating your dog’s problem gets it’s still our priority to fix them. If your dog needs a little more love or attention than the average dog we can also fix them too. That’s why we have a service called doggy Boot Camp. Our doggy Boot Camp is a boarding school that requires 2 to 4 weeks of your dog living with one of our trainers. This way we can send you videos of your dog progressing every single day. Additionally, they will also get one-on-one service with our professional trainers. This is the fastest and most efficient way for us to treat dogs that have more disobedience issues than others.

When you’re ready to fix any of your dog’s problems it’s time to take your dog to tiptop canine! When you’re ready to schedule your first appointment feel free to call us at 833-484-7867 or visit our website at We look forward to seeing you and your favorite fluffball at the location nearest you. Thank you for choosing tiptop canine for all of your dog training! or by calling us at 833-484-7867 to get all you could ever want for your dog.