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Tiptop canine is easily the best dog trainer in Lewisville TX Dog Training. Tiptop canine is dedicated to providing you and your dog the best service possible! We understand what it’s like to have dogs that have problems. We know that it can be frustrating. We know that it makes life to be more different. At tiptop canine, we’, re here to make your life easier and to make those problems go away! If you’re tired of dealing with Dog problems it’s time to get all those problems solved. You can get all those problems solved in one place. That place is Tiptop canine!

Tiptop canine in Lewisville TX Dog Training is known for creating anywhere dogs. And anywhere dog is a dog that you can take anywhere, go figure! But we mean it’s a dog that you can feel confident to take wherever you go. No matter if you’ve got company over, going to the dog park, going out in public or you just wanna leave your dog in the backyard. After your training here at tiptop canine, you can be assured that your dog will be comfortable and confident wherever you go. This gives you both peace of mind to travel together and live a happier and healthier life!

We here at Tiptop K9 in Lewisville TX Dog Training Are committed to taking care of you and your dog! We understand what it’s like to be uncertain about what to do with your dog. You’re a tiptop canine we’re here to take all that uncertainty away from you! We wanna make sure that you and your dog have the confidence to choose Tiptop canine before and after we’re done with your dog training. We do this by guaranteeing to fix 95% of your dog’s problems or more in 2 to 4 weeks. We also do this by having a satisfaction rate of over 99%. With guarantees and rates like this, it’s easy to see why everybody chooses tiptop canine for all their dog training needs!

When you’re ready to try tip top canine will be here waiting for you. We understand that some people have more busy schedules than others so we make it easy for you to take your dog to us. That’s why we offer doggy pick up and doggy drop off. That way there’s no reason for you to keep putting off getting your dog the training it deserves!

When you’re ready to schedule your first appointment will be waiting for you. You can schedule your first appointment by giving us a call at 833-484-7867 or by visiting us on our website at As always we appreciate your time and consideration in choosing a tiptop canine for all of your dog training needs. We can’t wait to see you and your pup inside an office near you! have a great day!

Lewisville Tx Dog Training | Dogs Problems Are Our Specialty

Are you looking for the best place in Lewisville TX Dog Training to take your dog? Look no further! Tiptop canine is the place for you. Tiptop canine has been helping thousands of dogs over the years get the training that they need. We want to provide the training that all dogs need to make them genuinely good dogs. It’s our passion and our drive to make sure that you and your dog have a happier and healthier lifestyle with your family! That’s why here a tiptop canine we’re dedicated to fixing all of your dog’s problems the first time! We’re excited to take on any new challenges. And there’s no challenge too big or too small so if your dog needs training don’t hesitate to visit tiptop canine for all of your needs!

tiptop canine in Lewisville TX Dog Training has consistently been proven to be the best place to take your dog! With over 1500 perfect reviews on Google people have chosen us as the best dog trainers in your area. But it’s not just your area! Tiptop canine is the highest-reviewed dog trainer in all of the United States! We are trusted by thousands of different families and I’ve helped hundreds of different breeds of dogs. We can guarantee that your dog will be rid of all these problems within 2 to 4 weeks up to 95%. With guarantees and readings like this, it’s hard to pass up on the perfect provider for all your dog training services. And that provider is a tiptop canine!

Tiptop canine is not your average dog training service in Lewisville TX Dog Training. That will be apparent from your very first appointment. Your very first appointment will only cost you and your doggy one dollar. We do that to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We want you to know that we’re not your average dog trainer. That’s why we take care of your dog individually. This way you know that you’re getting an individualized service tailored to your dog only.

We want your dog to love us as much as you do! That’s why all of our trainers care so much about dogs. We wanna make sure that our trainers are passionate about dogs and passionate about fixing your dog’s problems. So when you’re ready to make your dog’s problems your priority to get fixed it’s time to bring in your furry friend to tiptop canine!

Tiptop canine is excited to help you and your furry friend. When you’re both ready to schedule an appointment we will be here waiting for you! There are a couple of ways for you to schedule your first appointment. You can schedule your first appointment by visiting us online at or you can call us at 833-484-7867. We hope to see you and your doggy at a tip-top canine near you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration in choosing a tiptop canine for any of your dog’s needs! We hope that we can provide your dog, just like we have other dogs, with the best path to guaranteed good behavior in life for every kind of pup!