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Are you looking for Lewisville TX Dog Training? Well, you found the perfect place! Here at tiptop canine, we provide Premier dog training services. We provide services for any dogs. Whether your dog is big, small, tall, or somewhere in between we’re more than happy to help get them on the path to being a good dog. And we’ve been in business for over 12 years and we’re happy to serve you and your dog. We’ve serviced over 5000 different families which means we’ve seen our fair share of dogs. So when you’re ready to bring your dog to the experts and get the dog training that he deserves tiptop canine is the only place for you!

Where can I find Lewisville TX Dog Training? Tiptop canine has multiple locations across the United States. We have these locations for ease of use for any of our customers. We started with just a few locations but after a while, our demand started growing and we were forced to make new locations. Our demand started growing because of how much people love Tip top canine! But don’t just take it from us. You can go online and view any of our 1500 perfect star reviews. There you will also find testimonies from people that have brought their dogs into tiptop Canine. Here at tiptop canine our priority is helping service your dog!

The best training in Lewisville TX Dog Training is tiptop Canine. Tiptop canine is committed to providing the best possible service for your dog! That’s why every dog that walks through our doors it’s a different service plan. We understand that not all dogs are the same. And for those reasons, not all dogs will have the same problems. Why we don’t have any blanket packages that cover every dog? Instead, we will give your dog a consultation, and then we will decide what training is best for your dog. That’s why you’ll never see packages or prices on our website. This is just another way the tiptop canine is taken care of you and your canine!

When you’re ready to find out what a difference premium training can make it’s time to bring your dog into Tip top canine. Here is a tip-top canine we promise to take care of your dog. Our trainers have been training all sorts of dogs for a long period. They love dogs and they love taking care of dogs. Rest assured they will love taking care of your dog!

Isn’t it about time you got your dog the training it deserves to get rid of those pesky problems? When you’re ready you can visit a tiptop canine near you to schedule an appointment. Or if it’s easier you can give us a call at 833-484-7867 or you can visit us on our website at And remember your first appointment is only one dollar so schedule as soon as possible and will be here waiting for your first visit!

Lewisville TX Dog Training | There Is A Great Job Here

Scheduling an appointment in Lewisville TX Dog Training has never been easier! Here at Tiptop canine, we make it easy and convenient for you to schedule your first appointment. We have a multitude of ways for you to schedule your appointment. In addition to the ease of access in the schedule of your first appointment we also make that first appointment for only one dollar! We are firm believers and guaranteed lifetime support that’s why we want you to try us the first time! We make it easy to bring in your dog the first time so you never have to go anywhere else for any of your dog training needs! And we promise after you see all the guarantees we offer you won’t ever want to go anywhere else!

We believe in genuinely good Lewisville TX Dog Training. That’s why here at tiptop canine is committed To servicing any of your dog’s needs! Here at tiptop canine, we want to make sure your dog is taken care of always! That’s why we offer a Lifelong guarantee. We know that some problems can come back or new ones may come up. At tiptop canine, we want to ensure that we do our part and make sure those problems don’t persist!

Ensuring that problems don’t process is our specialty here at tiptop canine in Lewisville TX Dog Training. We do this by offering a multitude of guarantees. The first guarantee that we offer here at tiptop canine is that your first appointment is only one dollar. And that one-dollar first appointment is guaranteed! On top of that, we offer a 99% satisfaction guarantee and can assure you that we will fix 95% or more of your problems within the first 2 to 4 weeks. We are so confident that here at tiptop canine you’ll love any of your services that we can continue offering these guarantees.

It guarantees like these that brought us all of our clientele in the first place. It guarantees like these that got us our 1500 five-star reviews. After servicing over 5000 different families we know what it takes to give your dog the quality service that it deserves. So when you’re ready to come to see what quality service looks like it’s time to take your dog to tip-top canine. Canine would love to meet you and your furry friend!

When you’re ready for your furry friend to meet some of our trainers feel free to stop by any of our locations. If you’d like to schedule an appointment at any of our locations there are a couple of ways to do so. The first way to schedule an appointment it’s a visit our website at The second way is to call us at 833-484-7867. no matter which way you schedule an appointment will be more than happy to serve you and your furry friend. We can’t wait to see you both at a tiptop canine near you! Thank you for all your time and consideration in choosing tiptop canine to be your premier dog training service provider!