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Although there are many locations across the nation, we are particularly proud of Meridian Idaho dog training. Not only do they have skilled and fun trainers but they are professional trainers and that’s going to be very important to you as we understand here at tip top K9. This is the reason that we were named 2020 best of treasure Valley dog trainers and the best in the state. In honor we are very proud of the way we worked very hard to achieve.

As with all of our locations we offer the first lesson for one dollar, this is because we understand at Meridian Idaho dog training, the big this is a decision, who will help you train your dog. Our dogs are important parts of our family and we understand that so whenever you come in for the very first lesson we’re going to decide what we’re going to plan for you your furry friend as we know that all dogs are not the same just as we are not we all have our personalities and so do our dogs. So before you make the commitment we are going to show you what we’re made of and where your dog can be after working with us. Is going to amaze you with the change in their attitude because a trained dog is a happy dog and we all want our best friends to be happy.

As with all of our locations Meridian Idaho Dog Training is committed to being the best we encourage you to join the ranks with the rest of our clients this is because we have a 4.9 rating don’t take my word for it go to our website and check it out for yourself not to mention we have several stories and testimonies there that you can also look and see what I am talking about. Trusting your dog trainers is like trusting somebody to teach a member of your family that’s why you only want to deal with professional trustworthy people.

There are many locations across the United States our program of Meridian Ohio dog training works with many breeds just like all of our locations if you go to our website you can see that we work with pit bulls German shepherds and Labrador breeds which means that we take your big dog we can turn them into a light dog that’s very important whenever you have a large breed because the thing is we have to be old control our animals when their big enough they could pull you you don’t want them to pull because that is the point where you have lost control.

Don’t let it come to this point you make a change in the relationship between you and your dog. We all want to have the luxury of having an animal but let us not neglect the responsibility we have for our animals. When you’re ready to talk about this give us a call at 833-484-7867 also you can always visit our website at we look forward to hearing from you.