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Meridian Idaho dog training class | Furry Friend School

This content was written for Tip Top K9.

Is your furry friend stubborn about going in the kennel when you need to leave the house for the day, or not coming on demand when you want to take them for a walk and need to get their leash on? Meridian Idaho dog training classes provide you with simple training techniques such as, come, sit, and stay. For only one dollar for your first class we will have your furry friend listening in no time. With quality dog training in Idaho Tip Top K9 will be able to teach all ages so it’s not to late for your not so young pup to learn new tricks and commands.

If you are afraid your dog will not be able to pick up on these new commands and tricks in one class, Meridian Idaho dog training class provides six week training classes in which the owner and their dog can both learn from each eachother. There is no other quality dog training in Idaho quite like the one your dog will receive at Tip Top K9. Meridian dog training allows you to feel a sense of hope that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks and feel proud to have the furry friend you’ve always wanted.

If bringing your dog out in public to the dog park or having them around when you have guests over causes stress because you feel as though they do not know how to behave properly in front of humans and other dogs then look no further. At Tip Top K9, dog training Meridian provides social interaction while teaching your dog the obedience they need to learn to succeed. These group classes range from puppy sessions to obedience sessions which will help them and yourself gain the confidence you need to bring them around other dogs and humans as well as when you may have company over.

Meridian Idaho dog training class provide yourself and your dog the knowledge and obedience to help conquer the Barking habits, digging in the backyard, and the lack of listening. It can be so frustrating when you take your new pup to the dog park and he instantly runs from you and refuses to come on demand. It can feel impossible and hopeless to learn how to knock out the bad behavior, quality dog training in Idaho with Tip Top K9 can have the answers and solutions you are seeking to learn how to deal with these embarrassing and bad habits.

We aren’t ranked the best dog training services for nothing, so visit our website today at to learn more about our training services and obedience classes to shape your furry friend into the pal you’ve always wanted. Call us today at 1.833.484.7867 to set up your first session with Tip Top K9 for only $1 in which we can ensure that your dog will receive the quality dog training that you both deserve.