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Meridian Idaho Dog Training Company | Dog Training 101

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We get a you have a busy schedule and finding time to train your dog to be very tricky. For only one dollar for your first session canine can have answers to all your problems, within a few weeks of training sessions provided. Training provided for all things training from a young puppy learning to be potty trained or your seasoned furry pal wanting to learn new tricks to show off at the dog park. Finding the best Meridian Idaho dog training company can be tricky but I took time canine we guarantee you will see results within the six week sessions we provide for you and all dog owners like you.

How frustrating, when you decide on a warm sunny day to take your new adopted puppy to the dog park and suddenly when you arrive they suddenly dash off and don’t come when you command them to. Or what about the time he decided to have guests over and your dog decides to greet your guests with a big jump in loud parks, a Tip Top K9 canine we have the solution for all their behavior needs. With top-ranked trainers we understand the finding the perfect plan the best to you and your dog can make all the difference in the success of becoming more obedient. Sessions ranging from group to one-on-one sessions we provide an array of options give you a piece of mind and make training your little pal a breeze.

Current potty training tips you’ve googled or learned from friends just not working for you? Every time you let the new puppy out all they want to do is play cannot go to the bathroom, finding the best Meridian Idaho dog training company that specializes in potty training can feel stressful. At Tip Top K9, having numerous years of experience can make potty training doable for even the most stubborn puppy. Trainers at Tip Top K9 know how to deal with any age and any level you and your dog are at. We know how stressful it can feel especially when you see other dog owners training their new puppy so easily but your puppy doesn’t seem to learn as quickly or have an attention span to even try to learn.

Finding a Meridian Idaho dog training company that fits all of your needs and want can definitely feel overwhelming. No matter what level of training your dog needs, you are not alone in this is in this process Tip Top K9 is her to make sure of it. We guarantee that after your first session for only one dollar, you and your furry pal will be on the fast track of creating the bond you have always wanted. Whether you want your dog to learn how to sit, stay, or come, or you’re dealing with an unruly hyper puppy we are here to tell you that we have trainers who can help.

For more information about our sessions head over to our website at, where you can learn more about each session we provide and see testimonials from dog owners just like you. Hurry and call us today at 1.833.484.7867 to schedule your first session for only one dollar and recieve a consultation to figure out which session will fit your goals for you and your furry friend.