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Meridian Idaho dog training company | He’s better than a goodboy, he’s great!

This content was written for Tip Top K9.

Tip top K9 dog training Meridian Idaho dog training company is the best at what they do. Your dog has a problem that other trainers cannot seem to fix or change then I highly encourage you to reach out to Tip top K9 in Meridian Idaho. On your initial assessment, usually lasting around 30 minutes, the friendly staff will be able to diagnose and offer a treatment for your behavioral issues found in your dog. Tip top K9 accomplishes so much dog training and very little time. Unheard of in the dog training industry.

The one and only Meridian Idaho dog training company is called tip top K9. Started several years ago Ryan and his wife have built a franchise in the dog training world. He endlessly strives to become better and better in passing on the latest and greatest training techniques and skills to his clients. No matter what issues prevail in your dog or if you just want to teach your dog some basic commands such as; sit, stay, lay-down. Ryan and his professional dog training staff at tip top K9 are here to help you accomplish your goals. The staff’s love for animals, especially dogs is what drives this company to climb the ladder to be the best dog training facility in the nation.

No matter the breed: German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, Boston pitbull, Afghan hound, or the Fox Terrier, this Meridian Idaho dog training company knows thier way around any breed. Started in late 2000’s, tip top K9 dog training has created an empire the likes never seen the dog training industry. Stray dogs are a huge problem in most of America and unfortunately every day thousands dogs are euthanized. The good people at tip top K9 have decided to start giving back to these underprivileged dogs. As a motto goes, “adopt don’t shop”. Tip top K9 encourages you to save dog today. He is also offering a one dollar training period for your first lesson. Extremely hard to be one dollar, you think you can buy candy for that now. Much less alone train your dog.

This Meridian Idaho dog training company is at the forefront of canine behavior and training. Ryan even worked with his wife to help her get over her fear of large breeds. Now his wife has no aversion to large dogs in fact the opposite has grown very fondly of the larger breeds. Whether it be you or a family member, tip top K9 can help forget your fears and face the truth. There are no bad dogs only bad behaviors..

Tip top K9 dog training located in Meridian Idaho is top of their class for delivering exceptional and concise dog training courses. With a wide range of courses available they can help from anything puppy training to all their aggressive dog training. He works for fervesouly and endlessly to create a regiment for both you and your dog. No matter the temperament, no matter the breed, no matter the issue, tip top K9 dog training will deliver results. Visit or call 1.833.484.7867 for more information and get to training today.