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Meridian Idaho Dog Training Company is brought to you by Top Tip K9 Dog Training. Jeer your one dollar first lesson today. You simply just have to be to call our toll-free number or you fill out our tiny little form this by leaving us your first and last name and your phone number and clicking a button that says get started. And Top Tip K9 Dog Training is a place where you can actually get puppy training and also be able to begin at a young age be able to get that formal obedience training. Because a lot of younger puppies can actually learn a lot faster than older dogs. I mean it’s not anything against older dogs it’s just it turns to actually happen faster the younger you start teaching. And so it’s best to usually start like puppy obedience classes between three and four months or even 4 to 6 months old for formal training. So what we do with puppies and puppy training is that we want to feel to help you gain confidence and focus on three main things.

Meridian Idaho Dog Training Company puppy training actually focuses on environmental soundness socialization with other dogs and us also other people and as well as potty training. You might have a young kid in your home and you want to be able to make sure that you are also teaching your kids how to take care of the dog and also what and also being able to get your family involved in the puppy training because of puppy is it definite big responsibility say you want to be able to make sure that your whole families involved and it can also be fun. We want to be able to develop confidence in your dog something they can you now have a good time but also see the world as a good and fun place and also let them know that you pie training or just do training in general they are pleasing you.

Meridian Idaho Dog Training Company and Top Tip K9 Dog Training want to let you know that it really is just about making sure that the dog has confidence so that when they’re asked to do something they never have to second-guess themselves and what you the owner actually wanted to do. So wanted things to focus on his environmental soundness. And that is just making sure that you puppy can be comfortable in a certain environment and that includes new environments loud noises car rides floors at different surfaces different people and it’s ultimately no battery or take your dog can have fun.

We always want to be able to make sure that you can take your dog everywhere. So that means when you’re in the park or you’re just walking on your sidewalk with your dog that no matter the noise and no matter what other kind of forceful dock comes up out your dog will you be okay and not freak out. It’s all about desensitizing your dog until any kind of discomfort comes away. So if your dog gets care the sprinkler don’t drag escape having sprinklers and make them get sprayed on the face.

So the next move that you need to make as a dog owner especially if you have a young puppy in the home is to call 833-484-7867 or visit If you also are curious about what other social media platform she can find us on you can find us on Facebook twitter and even on our YouTube channel. Under YouTube channel see some great videos give you an indication about what we actually do during the training.